CMI Commands

Sep 17, 2017 at 12:09 PM
CMI Commands
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    For most of the commands, there is no difference if a player is online or not.
    [] - required
    () - optional

    Some commands will have additional information about them, including extra permission nodes when using ? sign, in example /cmi alert ? will show some explanation on needed permission node not only usage.
    Some commands will have special variable -s which will prevent any message output after performing, allows for a silent command performance in case you need this. Needs to have cmi.command.silent permission node or it.
    For command permission nodes, check main page.

    /cmi actionbarmsg [playerName] [message] - Displays action bar message for target player

    /cmi afk (playerName) - toggles afk mode

    /cmi air [playerName] (amount) (-s) - Will show players left air or change it to defined amount

    /cmi alert [playerName] (reason) - Will set alert message for target player and will display it to players with appropriate permission node on players login.

    /cmi aliaseditor - shows all active custom alias and allows you to add new ones or delete old.

    /cmi attachcommand (command) - attaches command to item in your hand. Command persist on that item even when its dropped on ground.
    Code (Text):
    Separate commands with ;;
    You can define to run command on left or right mouse click separetly with
    !left! to perform command on left mouse click
    !right! to perform command on right click
    !limiteduse:[amount]! defines how many times you can use this item
    !cc! performs command from console, requires permission
    Global variables working in addition with [itemUses]
    /cmi attachcommand !left!cmi point;;!right!cmi heal
    /cmi attachcommand !left!cmi point;;!right!!cc!cmi heal [playerName]
    /cmi attachcommand !limiteduse:10!;;!cc!cmi heal [playerName]

    /cmi back - Teleports to the previous location

    /cmi ban [playerName] (reason) (-s) - Bans player

    /cmi blockcycling (forward/backward) - Cycles throw all possible block states while its placed.

    /cmi blockinfo - Shows block information including its real name

    /cmi book [Author/Title/Unlock] [value] - Allows to edit book even if it was already locked.

    /cmi broadcast [message] - Broadcasts message to all players. If message starts with ! then prefix will be excluded for clean message.

    /cmi charges (playerName) [add/set/take/clear/reset] (-f) - Allows to check current spawner charge state or manage them if player has cmi.command.charges.edit permission node. -f will force charges to go over limit if needed.

    /cmi checkaccount (playerName/ip) - Provides a list of Ip's and account names connected to that ip/account name. cmi.command.checkaccount.showip will allow to see ip's other wise only account names are being shown.

    /cmi checkban (playerName) - Checks banned players

    /cmi clear (playerName) (-s) - Clear's players inventory.

    /cmi clearchat (self) - Clears chat. If self variable defined, then only sender's chat will be cleared. cmi.command.clearchat.bypass can be used to bypass chat clear by others.

    /cmi clearender (playerName) (-s) - clears players ender chest.

    /cmi colorlimits (playerName) - Shows all color limits player currently have. For: signs, private message, public messages, nick names.

    /cmi colors (playerName) - displays list of color codes.

    /cmi commandspy (playerName)
    - toggles command spy feature for player

    /cmi compass [sourceName] (targetName) (x) (z) (worldname) (-s) - Sets compass target to target player location or specific location on map. Example: /cmi compass Zhax, /cmi compass Zrips Zhax, /cmi compass LT_Craft 0 0 Zrips -s

    /cmi counter [join/leave/start] (t:time) (r:range) (msg:custom_message) (-f) -
    Manages counter feature. Allows to display count down for players who joined counter with /cmi counter join or by force for everyone in range if -f is used.

    /cmi ctext (cTextName) - Shows list or particular custom text.

    /cmi cuff [playername] - Suspends players activities. Cuffing can be prevented with cmi.command.cuff.bypass

    /cmi dback - returns to last death location if one exists.

    /cmi disableenchant - Opens GUI where you can disable any enchantment from usage on server.

    /cmi dispose (playerName) - Opens GUI where you can place unneeded items to dispose of them.

    /cmi editctext - shows list of all created custom text's and allow to add new one, remove old or edit existing.

    /cmi effect [playername] [effect/clear] (duration) (multiplier) - Add potion effect to player with duration and multiplier. Can clear all potions effects if needed.

    /cmi enchant (playerName) [enchant] [level] - Enchants item in hand with defined enchantment and level.

    /cmi ender (playerName) - Opens ender chest of your ender check or another player. If it's not yours ender chest, you will need cmi.enderedit permission node to edit it.

    /cmi exp (playerName) [add/set/take/clear] [amount] (-s) - manages players expirience points. Examples: /exp 10, /exp add 10, /exp set 10L, /exp take 10, /exp Zrips clear, /exp Zrips add 10

    /cmi feed (playerName)
    - Feeds player

    /cmi fixchunk w [worldName] r [range in chunks] c [x:z] - Will attempt to find broken chunks and will offer to regenerate them after scan. Examples: /fixchunk w LT_Craft, /fixchunk w LT_Craft r 50 c 1024:-2048, /fixchunk w LT_Craft r g, /fixchunk fix
    Code (Text):
        stats - show current scanning stats
        pause - pause scaning
        continue - continue scanning
        stop - stop scaning
        speed [amount] - set current scan speed
        autospeed [true/false] - set autospeed turned off or on
        messages [true/false] - set message output to off or on

    /cmi fly (playerName) (true/false) - Toggle fly mode for player

    /cmi flyspeed (playerName) [amount] (-s) - Changes fly speed from 0 to 10

    /cmi give (playerName) [itemname] (amount) - Gives item for player. Special tags can be used.
    Code (Text):
    Example: /give stone
        /cmi give Zrips stone 5 n Stonehenge
        /cmi give stick e knockback:1
        /cmi give Zrips sponge l Got_item_on:_%date/YY/MM/dd-HH:mm:ss%
        /cmi give Zrips sponge 1 e Knockback:%rand/1-5%
        /cmi give Zrips sponge %rand/1-10%
        /cmi give sponge a maxhealth:5:mainhand
        /cmi give diamond_sword unbreakable
        /cmi give mob_spawner:creeper
        /cmi give minecraft:diamond_helmet 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:100},{id:2,lvl:100},{id:34,lvl:100}]}

    /cmi giveall [itemname] (amount) (e|l|n|offline) - Gives item for all players offline or online.
    Code (Text):
    give item name or its id with data value, optionally provide amount you want to give
        n - to define itemname
        l - to define item lore
        e - to define item enchants
        s - wont show feedback message
        h - followed by player name will give item from its hand
        inv - followed by player name will give entire inventory for others
        offline - to include offline players
        /cmi giveall stone 1 n &2Uber_stone l &3Stone_lore offline
        /cmi giveall h Zrips
        /cmi giveall inv Zrips

    /cmi glow (playerName) [true/false/color] (-s) - Sets players glow. Example: /glow Zrips red Permissions: cmi.command.glow.[color] - allows to set particular glow color

    /cmi gm [playerName] [gamemode] (-s) - changes player game mode

    /cmi god [playerName] (true/false) (-s) - changes god mode for player

    /cmi groundclean (+cb) (+cm) (+ci) (+b) - removes dropped items from ground.
    Code (Text):
      +cm will include minecarts into cleaning
      +cb will include boats into cleaning
      +ci defines if you want to include weapons and armors
      +b broadcasts clear message to everyone

    /cmi hat (playerName) (-s) - places item from hand as hat.

    /cmi head [sourceName] (targetName) (-s) - creates head by target player skin

    /cmi heal (playerName) (healamount/healpercent) (-s) - heal player to full, particular amount or in percentage. Example /cmi heal zrips, /cmi heal zrips 10, /cmi heal zrips 10%

    /cmi hideflags (playerName) [flagName/clear] - Can hide defined item flag or rehide them.Example /cmi hideflags Zrips hide_placed_on

    /cmi home (homeName) (playerName) - teleports to home location

    /cmi hunger [playerName] [amount] (-s) - sets player hunger

    /cmi ifoffline [playerName] (command) - performs command only if defined player is offline

    /cmi ifonline [playerName] (command) - performs command only if defined player is online

    /cmi importfrom [essentials] - imports old user data from essentials folder

    /cmi importoldusers - imports user data from playerdata folder

    /cmi info [playerName/uuid] - shows detailed information about player. is required to see players ip address.

    /cmi inv [playerName] - opens players inventory. cmi.invedit is required to edit inventory. cmi.buttonteleport is required to teleport to players location when pressing on location button.

    /cmi invcheck (playerName) [id] (-e) - checks saved inventories. -e defines if you are opening inventory for editing or not cmi.command.invcheck.edit is required for that.

    /cmi invlist (playerName) - shows list of saved inventories

    /cmi invload (sourceName) (targetName) [id/last]
    - loads saved inventory by defined id or takes last one to targer player

    /cmi invremove (playerName) [id/all/last] - removes saved inventory by its id, last one or all of them if defined.

    /cmi invsave (playerName) - saves players inventory

    /cmi iteminfo (playerName) - shows item in hand information

    /cmi itemlore [playerName] [linenumber] [remove/insert/ new lore line] - manages item lore.

    /cmi itemname [playerName] [remove/your new item name] - manages item name

    /cmi itemnbt (playerName) - shows all item NBT tags

    /cmi kick [playerName] (message) - kicks player from server with optional custom message.

    /cmi kit (kitName) (playerName) - shows all kits or gives defined one
    Code (Text):
        cmi.kit.[kitName] - allows to use particular kit - bypass money requirement
        cmi.kit.bypass.exp - bypass exp requirement
        /cmi kit [kitName] [playerName] - will give kit to another player

    /cmi kiteditor - Shows list of kits for editing. Can create any kits with ingame provided GUI

    /cmi lastonline [timeRange/list/stop] [page]
    - shows list of last online players from time range. Excludes currently online

    /cmi lfix (range) (playerName) - fixes light issues around player in range by chunks.

    /cmi list - Shows list of online players sorted by permission nodes or permission groups.

    /cmi lockip [playername] [add/remove/list/clear] [ip] - prevents any logging in to account from another ip address

    /cmi maintenance (message) - puts server into maintenance mode and prevents players from joining server without cmi.command.maintenance.bypass permission node. Displays default or defined message on joining. PlaceHolderAPI supported.

    /cmi maxhp [set/add/take/clear] [playerName] [amount] (-s) - manage players max hp amount

    /cmi maxplayer [amount] - changes server player limit without needing of a restart.

    /cmi me [message] - sends broadcast type message. needed for colored message

    /cmi merchant [type] [playerName] - opens defined merchant GUI for trading

    /cmi migratedatabase - changes database type from SqLite to MySQL or vice versa.

    /cmi mirror (start/stop) - opens GUI for setting mirror setting for mirroring placed blocks

    /cmi more (playerName) (-clone/[amount]) - multiplies item stack to max allowed, to defined amount or clones entire stack to new one

    /cmi msg [playerName] [message] - sends private message to target player. If the message starts with ! then a clean message is being shown. Sender should have cmi.command.msg.clean permission node for that

    /cmi nick [newNickName] (playerName) - changes players nickname to defined one. By using Off will turn off nick name

    /cmi note (playerName) [add/remove/clear/list] (id/note) - will allow to edit notes asociated with target player

    /cmi oplist - prints out full list of players with OP

    /cmi partol - teleports to next player in list for checking him out

    /cmi ping (playerName) - shows players ping

    /cmi placeholders - prints out all possible CMI placeholders to be used with PlaceHolderAPI plugin.

    /cmi playtime (playerName) - shows players playtime

    /cmi playtimetop - shows top list sorted by players play time

    /cmi point - draws line from player towards block he is looking at and marks that block for next 5 seconds

    /cmi portals (new) (portalName) - shows list of portals if no variables provided or creates new one.

    /cmi pos (playerName) - prints current position including chunk and world region coordinates, light level and appropriate nether world coordinates

    /cmi preview [range] (innerrange) - loads chunks around player. Can load up to 32 chunks in range.

    /cmi ptime - changes players personal time to defined one.
    Code (Text):
      /ptime 13:00:00
      /ptime 1pm
      /ptime 13
      /ptime 7000ticks
      /ptime Zrips 1pm
      /ptime freeze
      /ptime unfreeze
      /ptime realtime
      /ptime reset

    /cmi purge - cleans player data files depending on offline time.

    /cmi rankinfo (rankName) - shows current of defined rank information.

    /cmi ranklist - prints out all possible ranks

    /cmi rankset (playerName) [rankName] - sets defined rank for player

    /cmi rankup (rankName) (confirm) - rankups to defined or to next rank.

    /cmi reload - reloads configuration files

    /cmi removehome (homeName) (playerName) - removes home from player by defined name

    /cmi removeuser [uuid/duplicates] - removes user from a database by uuid or all duplicates.

    /cmi removewarp (warpName) - removes warp point by name

    /cmi repair (playerName) [hand/armor/all] - repair items

    /cmi repaircost (playerName) [amount] - sets items repair cost to defined amount

    /cmi replaceblock id [blockName:data/id:data] w [blockName:data/id:data] r [range in chunks/g] y [max height] - replaces blocks in area by id
    Code (Text):
        - pause - pause replacing
        - continue - continue replacing
        - stop - stop replacing
        - speed [amount] - set current replace speed
        - autospeed [true/false] - set autospeed turned off or on
        - messages [true/false] - set message output to off or on
        /cmi replaceblock id 52 w stone r 10
        /cmi replaceblock id 52,gold_block w stone r 15 y 100
        /cmi replaceblock id 52 w air r g y 100
        /cmi replaceblock id iron_ore%75 w stone%90,dirt%5 r g

    /cmi reply [message] - reply to last player

    /cmi saturation (playerName) [amount] - sets players saturation level

    /cmi saveall (daysRange) - saves every player inventory. Includes offline players too.

    /cmi sc - starts sign copy process

    /cmi scan - scans defined range or entire map for particular items in all possible containers.
    Code (Text):
        - stats - show current scanning stats
        - pause - pause scanning
        - continue - continue scanning
        - stop - stop scanning
        - speed [amount] - set current scan speed
        - autospeed [true/false] - set autospeed turned off or on
        - messages [true/false] - set message output to off or on
        id [id:data]
        q [minimum quantity]
        r [range in chunks] - option to use g instead of number to scan entire map
        n [item name]
        l [item lore]
        h uses info from item in hand
        e [enchantname]
        elvl [enchantminlevel]
        purge - removed found items, this feature should be enabled in config file
        /scan id 52 r 30
        scan id diamond_block r g q 32

    /cmi se [SignLine] [Text] - sets sign text line

    /cmi search - searches for defined item or player state in all players inventories/enderchest/playervault
    Code (Text):

        id [id:data]
        name [some_custom_itemname]
        lore [some_custom_lore]
        enchant [lowest enchant level]
        potion [lowest custom potion effect level]
        fly [true or false]
        gm [0/1/2/3 or survival/creative/adventure/spectator]
        maxhp [lowest hp player have]
        god [true/false]
        /search gm 1
        /search id 52
        /search lore Uber_lore

    /cmi seen [playerName/uuid] - shows last time player was seen

    /cm setfirstspawn (playerName) - set first spawn point to your or defined player location

    /cmi sethome (homeName) - sets home location, if name not defined then home is used by default

    /cmi setmotd [newMotd] - sets new server MOTD without restarting server. Use tab to get current one.

    /cmi setspawn (playerName) (true/false) - sets spawn to your or defined players location. If used true, then this location will be used as location to appear after death.

    /cmi setwarp [warpName] (true/false) (hand) (slot) - sets warp position. If hand variable used then item from hand will be used in GUI. If true is used then player has to have cmi.command.warp.[warpname] permission node to use this warp. If slot number (1-54) is used, then warp icon in GUI will be placed in that slot.
    Code (Text):
        /cmi setwarp spawn - simple warp to spawn
        /cmi setwarp spawn true - creates warp and will require cmi.command.warp.[warpname] permission node to use it
        /cmi setwarp spawn hand - creates warp will take item from hand to display in GUI for this warp
        /cmi setwarp spawn 13 - creates warp and sets GUI slot to be used in GUI (1-54)
        /cmi setwarp spawn true hand 13 - all in one

    /cmi silence (one/off) - prevents any messages to be shown for player.

    /cmi silentchest - toggles silent chest opening.

    /cmi socialspy (playerName) - toggles social spy

    /cmi spawn (playerName) - teleports you or target player to spawn location

    /cmi spawner (EntityType) - sets spawner to defined type. If type is not provided, GUI will be opened where you can pick desired type. Player has to have cmi.command.spawner.[entityType] permission node for that

    /cmi spawnmob - spawn mob by defined type or additional variables
    Code (Text):
    First argument always is main entities type name
        - You can define entities states: baby, adult, dumb, tamed, n-[name], upwards, glow, skull-[name], helmet-[itemname], chest-[itemname], legs-[itemname], boots-[itemname], mhand-[itemname], ohand-[itemname], effect-levitation/10/1-speed/10/2. /nExample: horse:baby:tamed:n-Horsy, zombie:skull-Zrips:n-AngryZombie:mhand-Diamond_Sword
        - some entities have special variables:
         Sheep - white, brown, red, rainbow and so on... &6primed_tnt &e- [ticks], incendiary
         Horse - undead, skeleton, mule, donkey, white, chestnut, creamy, darkbrown, gray, black
         Ocelot - red, siamese, wild, black &6experience_orb &e- [number]
         Skeleton - wither, &6Creeper &e- charged &6Wolf &e- angry
         Zombie - villager, blacksmith, butcher, farmer, priest, librarian
         Villager - blacksmith, butcher, farmer, priest, librarian
         Slime, MagmaCube - size by giving number from 1. slime:3
         ArmorStands - nogravity, noplate, arms, noarms, small
         ShulkerBullet - [target], bounce
        - Extra variables:
         ps:zombie:priest:baby-1 - passanger with amount
         hp:20 - health
         sp:3 - spreads randomly entities in range
         s:4 - entities speed
         t:[playername] - target which one entities will atack
         q:10 - amount you want to spawn
         [playername] - spawns entities at players location
         loc:123/13.0/-15/World - spawn location. World name is optional if used as player
        Example: /cmi spawnmob sheep:adult:rainbow ps:chicken:baby:n-Chick_on_Sheep q:10 sp:10 hp:50 s:2

    /cmi stats (playerName) - shows full list of players statistics

    /cmi statsedit (playerName) [add/take/set] [statistic] (subType) [amount] (-s) - Allows to edit players statistics.

    /cmi status - shows server current status

    /cmi sudo [playerName] (command/c:[text]) - forces player to perform defined command or to send public message

    /cmi tagtoggle (playerName) - toggle tag in public chat sound on and off

    /cmi tfly [playerName] (timeInSec) (-s) - sets players temporary fly mode for defined time.
    Code (Text):
       /cmi tfly Zrips 30 - fly mode for next 30 sec
       /cmi tfly Zrips +30 - adds fly mode for  additional 30 sec
       /cmi tfly Zrips 0 - fly mode until relog
       /cmi tfly Zrips - check if player have tfly mode enabled and until when

    /cmi tgod [playerName] (timeInSec) (-s) - sets players temporary god mode for defined time

    /cmi time - changes server time in world
    Code (Text):
    /time 13:00:00
    /time 1pm
    /time 13
    /time 7000ticks
    /time 1pm Lt_Craft
    /time 1pm all
    /time add 0:30
    /time take 0:30
    /time freeze
    /time unfreeze
    /time realtime
    /time autorealtime start/stop

    /cmi titlemsg [playerName] [title %subtitle% subtitle] - sends title type message to player

    /cmi tmb [title %subtitle% subtitle] - sends title message to all players online

    /cmi toggleshiftedit - toggles sign shift edit on and off

    /cmi toggletotem - toggles totem cooldowns boss bar on and off

    /cmi top (playerName) (-s) - teleports player to top block at his location

    /cmi tp [playerName] (playername) - teleports player to target player

    /cmi tpa [playerName] - sends teleport request to players location to that player

    /cmi tpaall - asks all online players to teleport to your location

    /cmi tpaccept (playerName) - accepts teleport request

    /cmi tpahere [playerName] - sends teleport request to your location to target player

    /cmi tpall (playername) - teleports all online players to your location or to target player

    /cmi tpallworld [worldname] - teleports all players from defined world, even if they are offline.

    /cmi tpbypass (playername) - toggles safe teleportation bypass on and off

    /cmi tpdeny (playerName) - deny teleport request from particular player

    /cmi tphere [playerName] (playername) - teleports player to target location

    /cmi tppos (playerName) [x] [y] [z] (world) (pitch) (yaw) - teleports player to defined location

    /cmi tps - shows current server TPS

    /cmi tptoggle (playerName) - toggle teleportation access to player

    /cmi tempban [playerName] [timeInSec] (reason) (-s) - temporary bans player

    /cmi tree (TreeType) - spawn defined tree at location you looking

    /cmi unban (playerName) - unbans player

    /cmi unbreakable (playerName) (true/false) - make item in hand unbreakable

    /cmi unloadchunks (-f) - unloads chunks from server memory if possible. -f will perform action instantly while regular one will do it slowly to avoid causing lag spikes

    /cmi version - shows plugin version

    /cmi viewrange [range] (playerName) - set view range for target player. ProtocolLib required for this feature.

    /cmi walkspeed (playerName) [amount] - sets players walk speed

    /cmi warp (warpName) (playerName) - teleports to defined warp. If warp name not defined than warp GUI is opened.

    /cmi weather (sun/rain/storm) (lock/duration) (worldName/all) - set weather conditions in particular world
    Code (Text):
    /sun lock
    /sun 120
    /sun Lt_Craft

    /cmi whowas [playerName] - shows players previous names

    /cmi workbench (playerName) - opens workbench GUI for player
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