CMI Converting From Essentials

Aug 28, 2018
CMI Converting From Essentials
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    If you are transferring from essentials to CMI you can use dedicated command to import players information from essentials to CMI. Essentials plugin is not needed for it to work.

    /cmi importfrom essentials [home/warp/nick/logoutlocation/money/mail]

    - will import home locations
    nick - will import players nick name
    logoutlocation - will import players last logout location
    money - will imports player money balance
    mail - will import players mail
    warp - will import warp points

    you can use more than one variable at a time, or even all of them, in example: /cmi importfrom essentials home warp nick logoutlocation money mail

    This process can take some time. in general its converting 200 users in one second and you will get feedback message informing about process.

    If you want to use old worth.yml file, then simply copy/paste it into CMI folder from Essentials and you are good to go.
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