CMI Custom Events

Jun 25, 2018
CMI Custom Events
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    CMIAnvilItemRenameEvent - fired on item rename
    CMIAnvilItemRepairEvent - fired on item repair
    CMIArmorChangeEvent - fired on armor change
    CMIChunkChangeEvent - fired on chunk change
    CMIPortalCreateEvent - fired on nether portal creation event
    CMIPortalUseEvent - fired on CMI portal use event
    CMIBossBarHideEvent - fired when CMI boss bar should be hidden. Can be canceled.
    CMIAfkEnterEvent - fired when player enters afk mode
    CMIAfkKickEvent - fired when player should be kicked from server.
    CMIAfkLeaveEvent - fired when players leaves afk mode
    CMIUserBalanceChangeEvent - Fired on user balance change. if cmi economy is used

    CMIPlayerVanishEvent - Fired when player enters vanish event
    CMIPlayerUnVanishEvent - Fired when player exits vanish event
    CMIPlayerTeleportRequestEvent - Fired after player requests teleportation
    CMIPlayerTeleportEvent - Fired before player teleportation. Includes possible safe location and reason why it could be unsafe. Provides source of teleportation.
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