CMI Custom Text

Sep 14, 2019
CMI Custom Text
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    Custom text feature allows to create any text you would like to show for player. It can be simple plain colorized text or complex hover over and clickable text.
    • PlaceHolderAPI support for automatic replacement of placeholders. Allows for custom text by each player.
    • If you have used Essentials customText feature where you can set some custom text to be shown when performing some particular command, then this is the same thing, just like 10x more customizable and more powerful :)
    • First. Each command is separated into separate files for simpler control on what you want to use or have.
    • Next. You can define where new page starts by simply clicking on <newPage> in chat window instead of counting 7 lines... So you can have pages with 100 lines or with 1, your decision.
    • Third. It includes automatically pagination, so if you have more than one page of custom text, you will automatically get the option to press on next page button to see next page. This can be disabled for each custom text separately if you don't want to have it for some reason.
    • Fourth. It automatically includes new custom text as a new command with the same name. An example, default file rules will have /rules command which will show rules list when performing it. Official command is /cmi ctext [ctextName] (page).
    • Fifth. You can create raw messages. What are raw messages? Messages where you can hover over to see more info, you can click it to perform command, you can click it to get some text being pasted in chat. Creation is quite simple:
      Code (Text):
      <T>Text</T><H>Hover text</H><C>cmi heal</C><SC>Suggested text</SC>
      • <T>Text</T> - stands for shown text
      • <H>Hover text</H> - represent text to be shown when hovering over text
      • <C>cmi heal</C> - represent command (from player) to be performed when clicking text
      • <CC>cmi heal</CC> - represents command (form console) to be performed when clicking text. Player can click this only once.
      • <CCI>cmi heal</CCI> - represents command (from console) to be performed when clicking text. Player can click this as many times as he wants.
      • <SC>Suggested text</SC> - is replacement for command and it will paste text into chat field when clicked
      • <URL></URL> - add url link
      • To have more than one raw message in one line separate them with <Next>
      • Raw message should always start with <T>
    • Sixth. All this can be edited INGAME. /cmi editctext So yea, you can create new customTexts, edits its lines, add new pages, remove old ones, enable/disable alias or automatic pagination. Change line order by simply clicking on special arrows. In other words, there is a full support to fully create and control custom text's in-game without needing to edit them throw files directly. So any admin/staff with some brain cells can edit or create nice looking help pages without direct access to your server files.
    • This feature will help you to create your own help pages, for your own particular server, with special clickable lines or extra info when hovering over them and having all this under simple alias system.
    • And this feature is being used to convert custom text into book with /cmi getbook [cTextName] (playerName) which includes all hover over and clickable messages into it automatically
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