CMI Kits

Mar 22, 2018
CMI Kits
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    • This feature includes an option to:
      • Edit kits in-game throw GUI without needing to edit them throw files.
      • Set delay in seconds for next usage or set to -1 for one-time use kits.
      • Charge money for kit usage
      • Charge exp for kit usage
      • Supports all possible items
      • Define GUI slot for custom look
      • You can press on kit name in list to get it instead of writing full name
      • You can set custom commands which ones will be performed on kit usage. This will allow allot more flexible platform to have when rewarding players.
      • You can define kit description which one will be visible when hovering over it for simple look what it will give for you.
      • Set special required permissions for this kit. With this, you can require more than one permission to use this kit.
      • Grouping. You can group kits, what will allow for players to pick one kit from the couple and use one of them. In the example you can have 3 kits, one gives 30 stone, second - 20 wood, third - 20 grass blocks and when player pick's in example 20 grass blocks he can't pick any other kit for cooldown duration. In other words, this allows for players to choose what they want to get and avoid to give them a bunch of "trash".
    • Permissions:
      • cmi.kit.[kitName] - allows to use particular kit
      • cmi.kit.bypass.exp - bypass exp requirement
      • - bypass money requirement
      • cmi.kit.bypass.time - bypass time requirement
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