CMI Permissions

Mar 12, 2019
CMI Permissions
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    In most cases missing permission node will be shown by hovering error message in-game chat. You should have cmi.permisiononerror permission node for this
    All commands have permission nodes, if not listed below you can follow the format of cmi.command.<command> to match /cmi <command>.
    Permission basic rule is cmi.command.[commandName] to have access to particular command (example: cmi.command.heal) and some of them will require additional permission node if you are trying to perform command not on your self: cmi.command.[commandName].others (example: cmi.command.heal.others)

    Permission nodes can be checked in game with /cmi checkperm (keyWord) command which will always gonna be up to date with all permission nodes used in plugin.
    C - Command

    cmi.command - Gives access to base usage of commands

    • - Places player into afk mode automatically
    • cmi.command.afk.kickbypass - Prevents player from being kicked out of server when afk mode triggers Event
    • cmi.command.afk.staffinform - uses different afk auto response message
    • cmi.command.alert.inform - Player will get notification on player join with alert
    • cmi.command.armorstand.[updateitems plate size visible arms gravity glow invulnerable name interactable head body leftarm rightarm leftleg rightleg pos] - Allows to access particular armor stand editor features
    • cmi.command.armorstand.movebypass - Allows to move armor stand where you cant build. Can help to bypass AntiCheat plugin restrictions
    • - Allows to attach console command to item
    • cmi.command.attachcommand.silent - use !silent! variable while attaching commands
    • cmi.command.back.ondeath - Allows returning to death location by using back command after death
    • cmi.command.ban.bypass - Prevents player from being banned
    • cmi.command.bossbarmsg.admin - Allows to use commands in bossbar automated messages
    • cmi.command.broadcast.colors - Allows to use colors in broadcast messages
    • cmi.command.charges.edit - Allows to edit players spawner charges
    • cmi.command.checkaccount.showip - Allows to see players IP Address in check account
    • cmi.command.clearchat.bypass - Players chat with permission will not be cleared
    • cmi.command.commandspy.bypass - Allows to bypass command spy blacklisted command list
    • cmi.command.commandspy.hide - Hides performed commands from commandspy
    • cmi.command.[commandname].cooldownbypass - Allows to bypass command cooldown
    • cmi.command.[commandname].others - Allows to perform command on another player
    • cmi.command.[commandname].others.[extra] - Allows to perform command on another player
    • cmi.command.[commandname].warmupbypass - Allows to bypass particular CMI command warmup
    • cmi.command.counter.autojoin - Players will automatically join counter group on server join
    • - Allows to define custom center for counter command
    • cmi.command.counter.force - Allows to force counter message on surrounding players
    • cmi.command.counter.time - Allows to change counter default time
    • cmi.command.counter.range - Allows to change counter default range
    • cmi.command.counter.msg - Allows to change counter default message
    • cmi.command.ctext.[ctextname] - Allows to see message from Custom Text folder
    • cmi.command.cuff.bypass - Allows command usage while cuffed

    • cmi.command.enchant.bypasslimit - Allows to bypass enchant limitations
    • cmi.command.enchant.bypassinvalid - Allows to enchant items with enchants which usually are not posible on items
    • cmi.command.ender.preventmodify - Prevents ender chest modification by some one else
    • cmi.command.ender.preventmodify.bypass - bypasses prevent modify permission node
    • cmi.command.editwarnings - allows to manage players or everyone's warnings
    • cmi.command.fixchunk.speed - Allows to adjust chunk fix speed
    • cmi.command.flightcharge.admin - Allows to edit flight charges for players
    • - Safely lands player after relog if he is in air
    • cmi.command.flyspeed.[range1-10] - Defines max flight speed player can set
    • cmi.command.give.max.[amount] - limits amount of items player can spawn with give command
    • cmi.command.glow.color.[colorCode] - Allows to change glow color
    •[gametype] - Allows to change game mode to particular type
    • cmi.command.head.othersource - Allows to get head of another player
    • cmi.command.home.bypassprivate - Allows to teleport to private another player home location
    • cmi.command.ignore.bypass - Allows to perform commands on who ignores you
    • - Allows to see death location in info page
    • - Allows to see players IP Address in info page
    • - Required for /cmi info <player>
    • cmi.command.invcheck.edit - Allows to edit saved inventory
    • cmi.command.inv.preventmodify - Prevent inventory modifications by others
    • cmi.command.inv.preventmodify.bypass - bypasses prevent modify permission node
    • cmi.command.jail.bypass - Prevents player from being jailed
    • cmi.command.jail.bypasscmd - Allows command usage while jailed
    • cmi.command.jail.maxtime.[seconds] - Defines max amount of time player can jail someone
    • cmi.command.jump.[[distance]] - Defines max jump distance
    • cmi.command.kick.bypass - Prevent player from being kicked from server
    • cmi.command.lfix.admin - Allows to fix light in area bigger than you can see
    • cmi.command.list.admin - Places player into admin group in list
    •[groupnumber] - Assigns player to defined group
    • cmi.command.list.hidden - Allows to see hidden players in player list
    • cmi.command.list.staff - Places player into staff group in list

    • cmi.command.maintenance.bypass - Allows to bypass maintenance mode
    • - Allows to manipulate player balance
    • - Allows money transfer between worlds
    • cmi.command.more.oversize - Allows to get oversized stacks
    • cmi.command.msg.clean - Allows to send clean messages to player by using ! at beginning
    • cmi.command.msg.noreply - allows usage of /cmi msg [playerName] !-Text!
    • cmi.command.msg.vanish - Allows to send private messages to vanished players
    • cmi.command.msg.togglebypass - Allows to send private messages even if player has private messages toggled off
    • cmi.command.mute.bypass - Bypass personal public chat mute
    • cmi.command.mutechat.bypass - Bypass public chat mute
    • cmi.command.near.max.[blocks]- Defines max distance for near command to override default
    • cmi.command.nick.bypassblacklist - Allows to bypass nick name black list
    • cmi.command.nick.bypass.length - Allows to bypass nick name length limitations
    • cmi.command.nick.bypassinuse - Allows to bypass limitation in using already existing name
    • cmi.command.nick.different - Allows to set nick name to different one than original
    • cmi.command.note.remove - allows to clear or remove notes
    • cmi.command.note.add - allows to add notes

    • cmi.command.patrol.bypass - Player with permission will not be included into patrol list
    • cmi.command.point.[particletype] - Allows to change particle type

    •[hand/armor/all] - Allows to repair specific area
    • - Allows to bypass repair share being applied on item
    • cmi.command.replaceblock.speed - Allows to adjust replaceblock speed
    • cmi.command.ride.[entitytype] - Allow to ride Entity
    • cmi.command.removewarp.bypass - Allows to remove warps belonging to another user
    • cmi.command.scan.speed - Allows to adjust scan speed
    • cmi.command.sell.[blocks/all/gui] - Allows to sell items not only from your Hand / gui
    • cmi.command.sendall.bypass - Prevents player from being sent to target server
    • cmi.command.sethome.bypass - setting home location where players doesn't have build permissions
    • cmi.command.sethome.unlimited - Allows to have unlimited amount of homes
    • cmi.command.sethome.[anypositivenumber] - Allows to have defined amount of homes
    • cmi.command.sethome.[groupname] - Allows to have a defined amount of homes from a group
    • cmi.command.sethome.overwrite - Allows to overwrite existing home Location
    • cmi.command.sethome.unlimited - Allows to have unlimited amount of homes
    • cmi.command.signspy.hide - To be excluded from sign spies
    • cmi.command.silent - Allows to use -s variable in commands to avoid sending feedback messages to target player
    • cmi.command.sit.stairs - Allows to sit on stairs automatically
    • cmi.command.silence.bypass - Prevents player from being silenced
    • cmi.command.spawner.[entitytype] - Allows to change spawner with command to defined type
    • cmi.command.spawner.shiftclick - Allows to use spawner set GUI on shift clicking it
    • cmi.command.sudo.bypass - Prevents others from using sudo on players with this permission
    • cmi.command.setwarp.unlimited - Allows to set unlimited amount of warps
    • cmi.command.setwarp.[amount] - Allows to set up to certain amount of warps
    • cmi.command.tempban.bypass - Prevents player from being tempbanned
    • cmi.command.tempban.max.unlimited - Allows to temp ban for more than config allows
    • cmi.command.tempban.max.[anypositivenumber] - Allows to temp ban for defined max time
    • cmi.command.tfly.give - Allows to give tfly for someone else
    • cmi.command.tfly.maxtime.[amount] - set max allowed time player can give tfly for another player. In case player has more than this limit, tfly will not changed.
    • cmi.command.tgod.give - Allows to give tgod for someone else
    • cmi.command.time.edit - Allows to manipulate time
    • cmi.command.toggleshiftedit - For Using /cmi toggleshiftedit
    • cmi.command.tpa.warmupbypass - Allows to bypass tpa command warmup
    • cmi.command.tpahere.warmupbypass - Allows to bypass tpahere command warmup
    • cmi.command.tptoggle.bypass - Allows teleportation to players with disabled teleportations

    • cmi.command.walkspeed.[range0-10] - Defines max walkspeed player can set
    • cmi.command.warn.bypass - allows to be excluded from being warned.
    • cmi.command.warnings - print out list of players warnings and when they expire
    • cmi.command.warp.[warpname] - Allows to use particular warp if warp requires permission node
    • cmi.command.warp.redefine - Required to redefine existing warp point. Useful if you are letting regular players to create warp points
    • cmi.command.whowas - Shows <player>'s previous names.
    •[worldName] - teleport to defined world by your current position

    • cmi.actionbar.colors - Allows to use colors in actionbarmsg command
    • cmi.anvil.colors - Allows to use colors when renaming item
    • cmi.anvil.itemrename.bypass - Allows to rename items with blacklisted names
    • cmi.anvil.nolimits - Allows repair items without level limitations
    • cmi.armorstand.arms - allows to spawn armorstands with arms
    • cmi.armorstand.offhand - allows to fully manipulate armorstand off hand item
    • cmi.autorespawn - Allows to respawn automatically
    • cmi.bedhome - Allows to set home location on interaction with bed
    • - Allows to colorize books
    • cmi.bossbar.colors - Allows to use colors in bossbarmsg command
    • cmi.bossbar.hpbar - To see hp boss bar, enabled by default. Negate it if you want to hide it
    • cmi.bungee.publicmessages.[servername] - Allows to send public messages cross bungee server network
    • cmi.buttonteleport - Allows to teleport to target location when clicking on inventory edit GUI on location icon
    • - Allow to bypass the regular chatrange
    • cmi.chatfilter.bypass.[groupname] - Allows to bypass particular chat filter group
    • cmi.chatfilter.inform - Informs player when some one breaks chat filter rules
    • cmi.chatfilter.spambypass - Allows to bypass chat spam filter
    • cmi.chatgroup.[groupnumber] - Defines player custom chat group for public message format
    • cmi.chorusteleport - Allows to use chorus to teleport around
    • cmi.colors.[type].* - Allows all color usage in particular areas
    • cmi.colors.[type].[colorname] - Allows color usage in particular areas. Types: publicmessage, privatemessage, nickname, signs, me
    • cmi.commandfilter.bypass - Allows to bypass command spam filter
    • cmi.customalias.[myalias| - limit custom alias usage
    • cmi.damagecontrol.[groupname] - Defines damage multiplier by group
    • cmi.deathlocation - Allows to see death location after death
    • cmi.dropspawner - Allows for spawner to be dropped after its being broken
    • cmi.dropspawner.[entitytype] - Allows for spawner to be dropped after its being broken by defined type
    • cmi.dropspawner.nosilk - Drops spawner without silk touch
    • cmi.dynmap.hidden - Hides player from dynmap map
    • cmi.egginteract.[entitytype] - Allows to change spawner by interacting with egg
    • cmi.elevator.use - Allows to use elevator based on signs
    • cmi.elevator.create - Allows to create elevators
    • cmi.elytra - Allows to equip elytra
    • cmi.elytra.boost - Allows to use basic elytra boost. Right click
    • cmi.elytralaunch - Allows to use elytra launch feature
    • cmi.elytra.freeflight - Allows Free elytra boost
    • cmi.elytra.speedometer - Allows to see speedometer while flying with elytra
    • cmi.elytra.superboost - Allows to use elytra super boost. +Shift click
    • cmi.enderedit - Allows to edit ender chest of someone else
    • cmi.fullserver.bypass - Allows to join full server

    • cmi.informDurability - Player will be informed when durability reaches threshold
    • cmi.interactivesign.[inName] - Allows to create interactive signs when using [ic:[icName]] as top line of sign
    • cmi.invedit - Allow to edit players inventory
    • cmi.inventoryhat - Allows to put block on head from inventory

    • cmi.keepinventory - Allows to keep inventory after death
    • cmi.keepexp - Allows to keep exp after death
    • cmi.kit.[kitname] - Allows to use kit
    • cmi.kit.[kitName].preview - Allows to preview a kit, but not use it
    • - Allows to bypass kit money requirement
    • cmi.kit.bypass.exp - Allows to bypass kit exp requirement
    • cmi.kit.bypass.time - Allows to bypass kit time limitations
    • cmi.kit.bypass.onetimeuse - Allows to bypass kit onetimeuse limitations

    • cmi.messages.disablelogin - Disables login message
    • cmi.messages.disablequit - Disables logout message
    • cmi.minecart.change.[minecarttype] - Allows to change minecart to different type while interacting with valid item.
    • cmi.namehistory - Allows to see previous players names
    • cmi.netherportalbypass - Allows nether portal creation when its disabled in config file
    • cmi.openshulker - Allows to use shulkerbox as backpack
    • cmi.openshulker.shift - Allows to use shulkerbox as backpack with shift right click
    • cmi.permisiononerror - Allows to see missing permission on error message. Note the spelling.
    • cmi.placespawner - Allows to place spawner and keep its type
    • cmi.placespawner.[entitytype] - Allows to place spawner by particular type and keep its type
    • cmi.prewards.notification - Shows playtime rewards notification for unclaim rewards

    • cmi.rank.[rankname] - Defines default player rank
    • cmi.respawngroup.[respawngroup] - Defines player individual respawn point
    • cmi.safeteleport - Prevents teleportation to unsafe locations
    • cmi.safeteleport.bypass.[lava/void/suffocation/unknown/plugin] - Allows to teleport into unsafe location without confirmation
    • cmi.scheduler.exclude - Excludes player from scheduler random player list
    • cmi.saveinv - Saves player inventory on death to be restored if needed later on
    • cmi.seevanished - Allows to see vanished people
    • - Allows to select with selection tool
    • cmi.scrollpainting - Allows to modify paintings
    • cmi.signs.shiftedit - Allows to edit signs with shift right click
    • cmi.signs.shifteditbypass - Allows to edit signs on protected land
    • cmi.silentchest.editing - Allows to edit chests while in silent open mode
    • cmi.spawners.charge.bypass - Allows to bypass charge limitations
    • cmi.spawners.charge.[groupname] - Defines spawner charge group
    • cmi.spawners.proximity.bypass - Bypass spawner place range limitations
    • cmi.spawngroup.[spawngroup] - Defines player individual spawn point
    • cmi.tablist.[groupnumber] - Defines player custom tab list group
    • cmi.tag.color - Tagged player name gets colorized
    • cmi.teleport.bypassblacklist - Allows to bypass protection from teleporting with blacklisted items
    • cmi.teleport.currentlocation - Allows to pass up to date location instead of site where tpa was issued.
    • cmi.teleport.with.[entitytype] - Allows teleportation with defined mount
    • cmi.title.colors - Allows to use colors in titlemsg command

    • cmi.versioncheck - Allows to see new version message on login
    • cmi.viewrange - Allows to have custom view range
    • cmi.viewrange.[range(1-15)] - Defines custom view range
    • - Prevent flying above world build height. This feature should be enabled in config file
    • - Allows to bypass fly mode limitations by worlds
    • cmi.worldlimit.gamemode.bypass - Allows to bypass game mode limitations by worlds
    • cmi.worldlimit.god.bypass - Allows to bypass god mode limitations by worlds
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