CMI Tab List

Mar 22, 2018
CMI Tab List
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    Supports multiple lines
    Optimized to be run in Async mode to avoid any loads on main server actions
    Fully support PlaceHolderAPI for any variable you would want to use in tablist
    And support CMI placeholders
    Footer and header customization
    Supports auto updates in particular intervals (in an example when using clock, can update every minute or so) or updates on the particular event, like player login to update player count or similar.
    Option to define custom player name format in list it self
    Will exclude vanished players from online player count. An example in picture belove.
    Supports custom formats for different players. In example staff members can see a different layout than regular ones and staff members can have different name format than regular ones.
    No limitations in how many grouped format's you can have (by default you will get 2)
    Grouped format (permission) check can be disabled for better performance if needed
    Grouped format is being defined with cmi.tablist.[groupId] permission node, like cmi.tablist.1 same as with other numerical permission nodes, bigger numbers will have priority in case player has more than one.

    When setting tablist updates, keep it at highest value your settup placeholders needs too. Avoid having it lower than 5 seconds interval or even setting to -1 and updating only on particular events.
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