CombatLogX API Examples

Sep 11, 2019
CombatLogX API Examples
  • CombatLogX API - Usage and Examples
    This WIKI page will show you some examples on how to setup and use the CombatLogX API.
    The CombatLogX API can be used to hook into the plugin or to create your own expansion
    CombatLogX can be found HERE

    Setup and Installation
    CombatLogX uses maven to speed up compilation and easily create jars

    Local Maven Installation
    1. Download or Clone the CombatLogX Source Code from GitHub
    2. Open the CombatLogX-API folder
    3. Run mvn install in a CMD or Terminal
    4. If an error occurs please contact SirBlobman

    Adding CombatLogX API as a dependency
    To add CombatLogX as a dependency, follow the installation steps above and then add this to your project
    Code (XML):
    Code Examples
    These examples will be useful when you need to do stuff with CombatLogX

    Checking if a Player is in combat.
    To check if a player is in combat you can use this method that returns a boolean.
    Code (Java):
    Player player; // A Player object
    boolean isInCombat = CombatUtil.isInCombat(player);
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