Apr 17, 2021
  • CombatLogX:
    Description: CombatLogX is a pvp-based plugin that punishes players for logging out during combat.
    Resource Link: SpigotMC - CombatLogX
    Source Link: GitHub - CombatLogX
    Author: SpigotMC - SirBlobman

    Feature Expansions:
    Cheat Prevention:
    The cheat prevention expansion prevents players from doing certain actions during combat.

    Current Features:
    • Prevent players from picking up items while they are tagged.
    • Prevent players from bringing potion effects into combat.
    • Prevent players from sending chat messages during combat.
    • Prevent players from interacting with entities during combat.
    • Prevent players from teleporting during combat and allow certain types of teleportation.
    • Restart the combat timer when a player throws an ender pearl.
    • Prevent players from flying or using elytra during combat and restore their flight once combat ends.
    • Force players into a gamemode when they are tagged and prevent them from switching gamemodes.
    • Prevent players from executing commands during combat.
    • Close a player's inventory when they are tagged and prevent them from opening other inventories.
    • Prevent players from breaking, placing, or interacting with blocks during combat.
    • Prevent players from dropping items during combat.
    • Prevent players from using riptide or totems of undying during combat.

    Damage Tagger:
    This expansion was previously known as NotCombatLogX
    The damage tagger expansion tags players for non-combat damage types.
    All damage types are configurable in the /plugins/CombatLogX/expansions/DamageTagger/damage-tagger.yml file.

    Non-Combat Damage Examples:
    • CONTACT (cactus or berry bush)
    • SUFFOCATION (buried in sand or teleported into a wall)
    • FALL (falling from a high place)
    • FIRE (touching fire)
    • FIRE_TICK (being on fire due to lava or fire)
    • LAVA (touching or swimming in lava)
    • DROWNING (staying under water for too long)
    • BLOCK-EXPLOSION (explosions created by custom plugins (not tnt or creepers))
    • STARVATION (running out of food)
    • POISON (poison potion damage from witches or custom plugins)
    • MAGIC (harming potion or custom plugins)
    • WITHER (damage from the wither effect causes by skulls or custom plugins)
    • FALLING_BLOCK (taking damage from a falling block, such as an anvil)
    • CUSTOM (damage created by custom plugins or features)
    • FLY_INTO_WALL (slamming into a wall while using elytra)
    • HOT_FLOOR (standing on magma blocks)
    • CRAMMING (being in an area with too many entities)

    The logger expansion is used to log combat events to a file.
    The following information can be logged by this expansion:
    • EntityDamageByEntityEvent entity types, entity names, and cancelled boolean.
    • PlayerPreTagEvent player name, enemy name, tag type, tag reason, and cancelled boolean.
    • PlayerReTagEvent player name, enemy name, tag type, and tag reason.
    • PlayerUntagEvent player name, reason, and expiration boolean.
    • PlayerPunishEvent player name, reason, and cancelled boolean.

    Mob Tagger:
    The mob tagger expansion tags players when they get into combat with non-player entities.
    Expansion Features:
    • Allow mobs to tag players into combat.
    • Prevent certain types of mobs from tagging players.
    • Prevent mobs spawned for certain reasons from tagging players. (e.g. spawners)

    Newbie Helper:
    The newbie helper expansion helps new players against veteran players or trolls.
    • Prevent new players from being attacked for a configurable amount of time.
    • Remove protection from newbies when they attack someone.
    • A command to toggle your ability to PVP.

    The notifier expansion displays action bars, boss bars, and scoreboards to players while they are in combat.
    This expansion also sends an MVdWPlaceholderAPI trigger for FeatherBoard and AnimatedNames.
    The MVdWPlaceholderAPI trigger is disabled once the player is untagged.

    The rewards expansion gives players rewards for killing mobs and other players.
    You can configure custom commands to execute and disable rewards in certain worlds.

    Compatibility Expansions:
    Coming Soon!
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