Apr 21, 2019
  • Plugin Information
    CombatLogX is a plugin that prevents players from logging out during combat. There are many expansions that add features and you can create your own expansions as well.

    The author for this plugin is SirBlobman
    The source code can be found here: GitHub Source

    Feature Expansions

    Cheat Prevention
    Cheat Prevention is an expansion that prevents players from doing certain things during combat. The configuration file can be found at /plugins/CombatLogX/expansions/Cheat Prevention/cheat prevention.yml.

    This expansion allows you to do the following things:
    • Prevent teleportation during combat
    • Allow specific teleports in combat (e.x: plugins, ender pearls)
    • Restart the combat timer when an ender pearl is thrown
    • Prevent flying during combat
    • Prevent elytra usage during combat
    • Re-enable flight after combat (with a permission)
    • Change the player's gamemode when they get tagged
    • Block or allow certain commands (can be switched to whitelist mode)
    • Block certain potion effects in combat
    • Close a player's inventory when they are tagged
    • Prevent players from opening chests/menus
    • Prevent players from sending chat messages
    • Prevent block breaking and placing
    • Prevent items from being picked up or dropped

    This expansion does not prevent hackers from doing these things since they may bypass the checks.

    NotCombatLogX is an expansion that puts players into combat for non-combat damage. The configuration file found at /plugins/CombatLogX/expansions/not.yml lets you toggle what types of damage causes players to be tagged.

    The following types of damage can be toggled:
    • All Damage
    • CONTACT: Damage from touching a cactus
    • SUFFOCATION: Getting stuck in a wall or inside of a block
    • FALL: Falling on the ground or from an enderpearl
    • FIRE: Touching a fire block
    • FIRE_TICK: Being on fire
    • LAVA: Swimming in lava
    • DROWNING: Staying under water too long
    • BLOCK_EXPLOSION: Explosions from tnt or plugins (not creepers)
    • STARVATION: Not eating enough food
    • POISON: Potion effect
    • MAGIC: Instant Damage Potion
    • WITHER: Wither Boss or Wither Skeleton potion effect
    • FALLING_BLOCK: Anvil falling on your head
    • CUSTOM: Damage caused by plugins or custom mods
    • FLY_INTO_WALL: Hitting a wall/mountain/tree while using elytra
    • HOT_FLOOR: Magma block damage
    • CRAMMING: Getting stuck with too many other entities

    Notifier is an expansion that shows the player their combat timer. This expansion requires the "Placeholder Compatibility" expansion to work properly. The configuration for this expansion can be found at /plugins/CombatLogX/expansions/Notifier/notifier.yml.

    This expansion lets you do the following things:
    • Enable/Disable action bar timer information
    • Change the format of the action bar
    • Enable/Disable boss bar information (requires BossBarAPI in 1.8.8 or below)
    • Change the color, style, and format of the boss bar
    • Enable/Disable the scoreboard information
    • Enable/Disable FeatherBoard triggers for the scoreboard
    • Change the format and title of the scoreboard

    Rewards is an expansion that executes commands after a player kills a mob/player. The configuration for the Rewards expansion can be found at /plugins/CombatLogX/expansions/Rewards/rewards.yml.

    This expansion lets you do the following things:
    • Create custom rewards
    • Each custom reward can be configured for a specific world
    • Each custom reward can have specific commands
    • The commands can have placeholders called {player} and {killed}

    Compatibility Expansions

    Citizens Compatibility

    Factions Compatibility

    Lands Compatibility

    Parties Compatibility

    Placeholder Compatibility

    Residence Compatibility

    WorldGuard Compatibility
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