Jun 11, 2019
  • Realm commands:
    • /claim: claim a new realm (permission: realm.claim)
    • /unclaim: unclaim your realm (permission: realm.unclaim)
    • /visit <name>: visit someone's realm (permission: realm.visit)
    • /home teleport to the home of your realms (permission: realm.home)
    • /realm: open realm GUI (permission: realm) (permission: realm)
    • /realm invite <name>: Invite a player to a realm (permission: realm.invite)
    • /realm accept <name>: Accept a realm invitation (permission: realm.accept)
    • /realm kick <name>: Kick a player from a realm (permission: realm.kick)
    • /realm ban <name>: Ban a player from a realm (permission: realm.ban)
    • /realm top: open the top realm GUI (permission:
    • /realm vote <name>: Vote for someone's realm (permission:
    Admin commands:
    • /configrealm chest: Change the island chest content by the one that your are facing. (permission: realm.config)
    • permission: realm.bypass, bypass everything like breaking blocks/placing...

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