May 28, 2019
  • Heroes Configuration

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    This is the default configuration for the plugin. Descriptions of each section follow below.

    Code (Text):

    # Use these sections to configure the plugin.
      #Changing this to true will use an exponential  exp curve for games similar to D3 or Path of Exile.
      exp-calc-alt: false
      #set this to adjust the EXP curve (higher numbers equal longer ending levels)
      exp-curve: 1.0
      #be cautious on changing this after it has been set)
      max-exp: 100000
      #max level to master/change from PARENT to Child)
      max-level: 50
      #Setting this to true will allow players to gain exp up until they are 1% away from being above max-level
      pad-max-level: true
      #exp loss on death, is taken from current LEVEL not ALL exp.
      exp-loss: 0.10
      #exp loss multiplier used during pvp
      pvp-exp-loss: 1.0
      #maximum party size
      max-party-size: 6
      #multiplier of how much bonus xp should be awarded overall to parties
      party-exp-bonus: 1.0
      #allow level loss when players lose xp
      level-loss: false
      #allow mastery loss when players lose xp
      mastery-loss: false
      #allow xp adjustments when a mob was detected as spawning from a mob-spawner
      spawner-checks: false
      #if spawner-checks is true, all xp gained from killing is multiplied by this number. setting to 0 gives no xp.
      spawner-exp-mult: .5
      #Hardcore mode to reset all levels/exp on death
      reset-on-death: false
      #Level that players must be within to PvP with each other
      pvp-range: 50
      #Level that a player must attain before they are allowed to PvP or be PvPed with
      min-pvp-level: 1
      #How close in level players need to be to get full exp
      pvp-exp-range: 10
      #When players will recieve no exp for killing a player
      pvp-max-exp-range: 40
      #Dumps a levels.txt file with the exp/level pairings
      dump-exp-file: false
      #If mob's health should be scaled based on distasnce from spawn
      mob-health-distance-modified: true
      mob-health-modifier: 3
      #If mob's exp should be scaled based on distasnce from spawn
      mob-experience-distance-modified: true
      mob-exp-modifier: 3
      #If mob's damage should be scaled based on distance from spawn
      mob-damage-distance-modified: true
      mob-damage-modifier: 3
      #cost to swap
      swap-cost: 0
      #cost to swap back to a class you already have xp in (base + level*per-level)
      old-swap-cost: 0
      old-swap-cost-per-level: 0
      #cost to swap to a new profession
      prof-swap-cost: 0
      #cost to swap back to an old profession (base + level*per-level)
      old-prof-swap-cost: 0
      old-prof-swap-cost-per-level: 0
      #cost to swap to a new race
      race-swap-cost: 0
      #cost to swap back to an old race (base + level*per-level)
      old-race-swap-cost: 0
      old-race-swap-cost-per-level: 0
      #will allow for users to change back to their mastered class freely
      master-swap-free: true
      #toggles charging for the first class switch
      first-swap-free: true
      #toggles charging for the first race switch
      first-swap-free-race: true
      #if enabled, will force players who have mastered X classes to pay full cost for changing to any class/prof/race
      swap-with-masteries-has-full-cost: false
      number-of-masteries-for-full-cost: 1
      #basic name prefixing of heroclass, may not work correctly
      use-prefix: false
      #will reset the exp if the player switches without mastering
      reset-exp-on-change: true
      #will reset all xp including masteries if the player switches classes
      reset-master-on-change: false
      #will reset all xp including masteries if the player switches professions
      reset-prof-master-on-change: false
      #will reset the players profession whenever they change primary classes
      reset-prof-on-pri-change: false
      #Will make it so players can not switch classes until they have mastered their current class
      lock-till-master: false
      #Will not allow a player who is the highest tier to swap classes
      lock-at-max-level: false
      #multiplier for self-healing skills
      self-heal: 0.5
      #how many milliseconds a hero must wait between changing classes
      class-change-cooldown: 600000
      # The amount of attribute allocation points granted per level of the Hero.
      allocation-points-per-level: 3
      # The amount of attack damage with weapons given per every point of Strength the hero has.
      attack-damage-per-strength: 1.0
      # The amount of maximum HP given per every point of Constitution the hero has.
      health-per-constitution: 20.0
      # The amount of magic resists given per every point of Constitution the hero has.
      magic-resist-per-constitution: 0.003
      # The amount of stamina regenerated every tick (per per every point of Endurance the hero has).
      stamina-regeneration-per-endurance: 1
      # Enable carry weigth endurance calculation
      enable-carry-weight-per-endurance: true
      # The amount of carry weight capacity given per every point of Endurance the hero has.
      carry-weight-per-endurance: 0.0
      # The amount of maximum Stamina given per every point of Endurance
      stamina-per-endurance: 1
      # The amount of attack damage with projectiles given per every point of Dexterity the hero has.
      projectile-damage-per-dexterity: 2.0
      # The percentage modifier of speed increase per every point of Dexterity the hero has. 0.002f = 1% movement speed increase.
      speed-increase-per-dexterity: 0.001
      # The amount of maximum Mana given per every point of Intellect the hero has.
      mana-per-intellect: 5
      # The amount of mana regenerated every tick (per every point of Wisdom the hero has).
      mana-regeneration-per-wisdom: 1
      magic-resists-per-constitution: 0.03
      attribute-allocation-cost-per-level: 0.4
      attribute-reset-cost: 1
      #Whether or not to scale health down to one bar (10 hearts)
      limit-one-bar: true
      #(Approximate due to GUI limitations) Amount of health represented by one hp bar (10 hearts)
      health-per-bar: 20
      # Whether or not to display entity health through custom name
      display-entity-health: false
      #Supported Database types are yml and sql
      storage-type: yml
      #use of the cost system
      economy: true
      #use this at your own risk
      debug: false
      #XP cost multiplier for enchants - set to 0 to disable
      enchant-exp-mult: 3
      #milli-Seconds a hero must wait before using a second skill
      global-cooldown: 500
      #duration to track for no-exp
      block-tracking-duration: 900000
      #max blocks to track for no-exp
      max-tracked-blocks: 2000
      #slows the skill caster while they are using a skill with a warmup
      slow-while-casting: true
      #How many milliseconds a player stays in combat for
      combat-time: 10000
      #Silences the "You have gained/lost x Skill" message that broadcasts by default
      silence-passive-skill-messages: false
      #This will check equipment weight and disallow certain types of armors on classes if their endurance doesnt grant them enough.
      check-equipment-weight: false
      #Crafting/recipe class restrictions
      enable-recipes: true
      fix-legacy-health: true
      #Messages for entering & exiting combat use "" as a value to hide message. (i.e. 2 double quotes)
      combat-enter-message: You have entered combat!
      combat-exit-message: You have left combat!
      # Sets default verbose options for new players
      exp: true
      mana: true
      stamina: false
      skills: true
    database: #storage-type in props must be set to sql for these to take effect.
      type: mysql
      db: test
      poolsize: 10
      url: localhost
      port: '3306'
      username: test
      password: test
      #Do you want players to heal in beds?
      enabled: true
      #the seconds it takes to heal the healPercent
      interval: 15
      #the percent amount of damage to heal.
      percent: 5
      #time in seconds between regen ticks
      interval: 2
      #time in seconds before regen begins again after taking damage
      delay: 10
      #time in seconds between regen ticks
      interval: 5
      #multiplier applied to mana regen while out of combat
      regen-multiplier-out-of-combat: 4
      #time in seconds between regen ticks
      interval: 1
      #costss to stamina
        swing-weapon: 0
        shoot-bow: 0
        per-damage-taken: 0
        mana-regen-tick: 0
        per-mana-point-regen: 0
        sprinting: 0
          enabled: false
          duration: 3000
          enabled: false
          duration: 3000
          enabled: false
          duration: 3000
          enabled: false
          duration: 3000
      # If true, enables Heroes modifications on food consumption and hunger (so the hunger bar represents stamina).
      # Note this does not override/control the "consumable-in-combat" option.
      enabled: false
      # 5000 = 5 seconds for every something or other regarding healing. Yeah...
      time-multiplier: 5000
      # .05 = 5% of Total HP regained when a player regains health from being full.
      food-heal-percent: .05
      # If food is consumable in combat
      consumable-in-combat: false
      #time in milliseconds when the bonus will end
      expiration: 0
      #xp rate during the bonus period
      exp: 1.0
      message: Bonus experience time is enabled!
      #Level to use HATS!
      level: 1
      enabled: false
      # If enabled allows controlling mitigation of damage per armor point as defined by below values.
      enabled: false
      # The maximum damage reduction value Heroes will allow for physical attack armor mitigation.
      maximum-damage-reduction: 0.80
      # Damage reduction per point of armor.
      # Default values for oldschool vanilla minecraft is 0.04.
      per-armor-damage-reduction-percent: 0.04
      # Determines the damage type's armor mitigation can affect
      - CONTACT
      - FIRE
      - HOT_FLOOR
      - LAVA
      # reduce the damage that armor takes from durability damage events. Default vanilla mechanics is 4.
      armor-durability-damage-reduction: 4
      armor-is-damaged-by-skills: true
      weapons-are-damaged-by-skill-usage: true
        # If enabled, Heroes will attempt to override the vanilla durability system in favor of a custom one.
        enabled: false
        # the default value that all items will have, if no other
        default-maximum-durability: 250
        # whether or not to show our durability text on the item.
        show-custom-durability-text: false
        # whether or not to sync our durability with minecraft's default (gives green bar support)
        sync-with-minecraft-durability: true
        # Override max-durability based on a prioritized custom match pattern.
        # The priority is as follows:
        # 1) name-match with type-match
        # 2) name-match without type-match
        # 3) type-match without name-match
        # If you have two entries with the same priority that conflict with each other, you _will_ cause issues.
        - name-match: Legendary
          type-match: ''
          max-durability: 450
        - name-match: Epic
          type-match: ''
          max-durability: 400
        - name-match: Rare
          type-match: ''
          max-durability: 350
        - name-match: ''
          type-match: DIAMOND
          max-durability: 300
        - name-match: ''
          type-match: IRON
          max-durability: 275
        - name-match: ''
          type-match: GOLD
          max-durability: 250
        - name-match: ''
          type-match: LEATHER
          max-durability: 225
        - name-match: ''
          type-match: STONE
          max-durability: 150
        - name-match: ''
          type-match: WOOD
          max-durability: 100
      # Max no damage ticks applied to all living entities
      no-damage-ticks: 10
      respawn-features-enabled: false
      respawn-health-percent: 50
      respawn-shield-percent: 50
      respawn-mana-percent: 50
      respawn-stamina-percent: 50
      respawn-health-regen-seconds: 30.0
        enabled: true
        include-victim-name: false
        expire-seconds: 30
          x: 25
          y: 25
          z: 25
        enabled: true
        # The title of the scoreboard
        title: '§a§l⚠ Character ⚠'
          # The info component displays information about a Hero
            enabled: true
            title: '§3✪  Hero Info  ✪'
              enabled: true
              show-primary: true
              show-secondary: true
              show-race: false
                # {0} = class name
                # {1} = level
                # {2} = experience
                short: ' §4{0}§d L§f: §a{1}§f - {2}%'
                # {0} = class name
                # {1} = level
                # {2} = experience
                long: ' §4{0}§d Lvl§f: §a{1}§f - {2}%'
                long-length: 11
              enabled: true
              # {0} = current health
              # {0} = max health
              format: '§4 ❤  §c{0}§f / §c{1}'
              # If the health and mana lines should be merged when the threshold below is higher than the current health
              merge-mana: true
              merge-mana-threshold: 100
              enabled: true
              # {0} = current mana
              # {0} = max mana
              format: '§9 ⦿  {0}§f / §9{1}'
              enabled: true
              # {0} = current stamina
              # {0} = max stamina
              format: '§e ✳  {0}§f / §3{1}'
            enabled: true
            title: '§6✰  Party  ✰'
            # {0} = member name
            # {1} = member display name
            # {2} = health colour
            # {3} = health percentage as an integer
            member-format: ' {2}{0}§f: {2}{3}%'
      LEATHER_BOOTS: 5.0
      GOLD_HELMET: 10.0
      GOLD_BOOTS: 5.0
      IRON_HELMET: 10
      IRON_BOOTS: 10




    • exp-calc-alt - Uses the alternate method of calculating exp per level (not sure quite how it differs)
    • exp-curve - Set this to adjust the EXP curve (higher numbers equal longer ending levels, but shorter beginning levels)
    • max-exp - Changes the total needed exp to reach the max level
    • max-level - Changes the maximum level, or the level needed to master a class
    • pad-max-level - Puts more experience into the maximum level, making it more difficult to achieve
    • exp-loss - XP multiplier that a player loses when dying
    • pvp-exp-loss - XP multiplier that a player loses when dying to pvp
    • max-party-size - Max party size (duh!)
    • party-exp-bonus - Presumably the multiplier for gaining exp while in a party level-loss: false
    • level-loss - Determines whether losing xp can result in a decrease of level?
    • mastery-loss - Determines whether death will cause a loss of mastery of a class?
    • spawner-checks - Checks whether mobs come from a spawner or not
    • spawner-exp-mult - The exp multiplier of mobs spawned from a spawner
    • reset-on-death - Option to reset class upon death
    • pvp-range - Maximum level to be able to pvp?
    • min-pvp-level - Level needed to pvp (or maybe to get exp from pvp)
    • pvp-exp-range -
    • pvp-max-exp-range -
    • dump-exp-file -
    • mob-health-distance-modified -
    • mob-health-modifier -
    • mob-experience-distance-modified -
    • mob-exp-modifier -
    • mob-damage-distance-modified -
    • mob-damage-modified -
    • swap-cost - Cost (in money) to swap classes
    • old-swap-cost - Cost (in money) to swap to a previous class
    • prof-swap-cost - Cost (in money) to swap professions
    • old-prof-swap-cost - Cost (in money) to swap to a previous profession
    • race-swap-cost - Cost (in money) to swap races
    • old-race-swap-cost - Cost (in money to swap to a previous race)
    • master-swap-free - Cost to swap from a mastered class (to a child class, for example)
    • first-swap-free - Whether the first class swap is free or not
    • first-swap-free-race - Whether the first race swap is free or not
    • use-prefix - Uses class as prefix in chat?
    • reset-exp-on-change - Whether exp gathered will be reset after swapping classes
    • reset-master-on-change - Whether mastered status will be lost after swapping classes
    • reset-prof-master-on-change Whether mastered status will be lost after swapping prefessions
    • reset-prof-on-pri-change Whether the profession will be reset when the primary class is changed
    • lock-till-master - Whether the class is locked until master status is reached
    • lock-at-max-level - Whether the class will be locked upon reaching the max level
    • self-heal - The multiplier which healing will heal the casting player
    • class-change-cooldown - Determines the time until a player can change classes (in seconds)
    • allocation-points-per-level - Points to use in attributes menu per level-up
    • attack-damage-per-strength - Additional melee attack damage per strength
    • health-per-constitution - Additional health per point of constitution
    • magic-resist-per-constitution - Magic damage reduction per point of constitution
    • stamina-regeneration-per-endurance - Stamina regeneration per point of endurance
    • carry-weight-per-endurance - Additional carry weight per point of endurance
    • projectile-damage-per-dexterity - Additional damage from bows per point of dexterity
    • speed-increase-per-dexterity - Increase in walking speed per point of dexterity (not recommended to change this value without testing the max amount of dexterity points!)
    • mana-per-intellect - Maximum mana for each point of intellect
    • mana-regeneration-per-wisdom - Mana Regeneration per point of wisdom
    • limit-one-bar - Whether visible health is limited to one row of hearts
    • health-per-bar - How much health (number of hearts x 2) is represented in a bar
    • display-entity-health - Whether you want mobs to display their current health or not
    • storage-type - File type that plugin data is stored in
    • economy - Whether an economy plugin is installed
    • debug - Toggles debug mode
    • enchant-exp-mult - Multiplier for enchanting
    • global-cooldown - ?
    • block-tracking-duration - The time (in seconds?) that blocks are tracked
    • max-tracked-blocks - Changes the max number of blocks that can be tracked and stored
    • slow-while-casting - Whether players are slowed while casting spells
    • combat-time - Time before "in-combat" effect wears off
    • reduce-item-damage
    • silence-passive-skill-messages - Whether passive skills show notifications
    • check-equipment-weight - Whether equipment weight feature is used or not
    • combat-enter-message - What is displayed when the player enters combat
    • combat-exit-message - What is displayed when the player exits combat
    • These settings should be the same as in your other plugins
    • enabled - Whether sleeping in a bed heals the player
    • Interval - Time between healing
    • percent - Percentage of health healed by sleeping
    • interval - Time between mana gain
    • interval - Time between stamina gain
    • enabled - Whether food will regenerate health
    • time-multiplier
    • heal-percent - Percentage of health that food will heal
    • expiration - How long bonus XP lasts
    • exp - XP multiplier during bonus XP time
    • message - What is displayed in chat when the bonus experience is enabled
    • level - Level required to get hats
    • enabled - Whether hats are enabled or not
    • item-roll - Splits the items dropped by mobs/players between nearby players
      • enabled - Whether item rolling is enabled or not
      • include-victim-name - Whether the victims name is shown when item
      • expire-seconds - How many seconds until the items despawn
      • radius
        • x - Radius along the x-axis, should be the same as z
        • y - Radius vertically
        • z - Radius along the z-axis, should be the same as x
    • scoreboard - I recommend editing this while in game, changing the files and then reloading the plugin to see the effect
      • enabled - Whether the scoreboard is enabled
      • title - What is displayed at the top of the scoreboard
      • component:
        • info:
          • enabled: true
          • title: §3✶ Hero Info ✶
          • class:
            • enabled - Whether the class line in the scoreboard is enabled
            • format - All formats support unicode characters and color codes (if § is used rather than &) Additionally, the {#} is the placeholder for information relevant to that stat.
              • short - The shortened version of the format
              • long - The long, un-shortened version of the format
              • long-length - Character length of the long title
          • health:
            • enabled
            • format
            • merge-mana - Places the mana on the same line as health
            • merge-mana-threshold - The maximum amount that health and mana will be displayed on the same line
          • mana:
            • enabled
            • format
          • stamina:
            • enabled
            • format
          • party:
            • enabled: true
            • title - The title of the party section of the scoreboard
            • member-format- How party members are listed under the party section
    • These determine the weights of each piece of equipment, if the equipment weight feature is enabled
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