Configure Essentials Messages/Colors

Jul 10, 2018
Configure Essentials Messages/Colors
  • (If someone could pretty this up, that would be nice)

    This is only for windows currently, if you know how to do it on ios, linux, etc, update this.

    Today I am going to show you how to configure Essentials' messages.
    Now, before I begin, I would like to tell you something.
    Essentials has a messages file, that can edit the messages, but it isn't "visible".
    It is packed inside the jar under the name "" with ln representing the language. (For most, It will just be "en")
    You can change the language in the config.yml in the "locale" configuration value.

    First, if you use windows default text editor "Notepad", I will tell you that you should get a different one. Notepad is the worst text editor program created. I would recommend Notepad++ which you can get here.
    If you open the file in Notepad, its a mess, and might not even work.

    Now, let's edit that hidden file.

    Firstly, we will change the file extension of essentials so we can open the files inside the jar.
    There are many programs like 7zip that can do this without changing the extension, but this is without those.
    Ok, at the top left of File Explorer, click File, then "Options". It will open a window where at the top. click the View tab. This will open a menu where under "Advanced Settings" you can check different settings for the file explorer.
    We will want to locate "Hide extensions for known file types".
    This will need to be unchecked temporarily. (After we are done, you can re-check this)
    (Click on the checkmark to the left of it to toggle it.)
    Then, at the bottom left of the menu, click Apply, then click Ok.

    Now, locate your essentials jar file. At the end of it, you should see a ".jar" extension.
    Click on the file to rename it, and replace the ".jar" with ".zip" to change it to a zip file.
    It will give a warning, and you should click yes. (We won't be editing the class files, so it will be ok)

    Now, it won't be a jar file, but a zip file. If you were to run the server at this point, it wouldn't load essentials.

    Now, double-click on the zip file to explore it. (aka open it like any other folder)
    Here you can see the files packed inside essentials. The one we will be looking at will be the "" (if you are in a different language, edit accordingly)
    Right-click on the file and click "Open".

    You will now have the file open inside a text editor (which I would recommend to not be Notepad).
    You can now edit any of the messages or colors inside essentials. (There are a lot)
    I find that simply replacing &6 and &c (and possibly &4) with different colors works very nicely at changing the look).
    Note: "\u00a7" is the unicode text version of the minecraft color code, (used in configs as &, but is actually) ยง.

    Now, you can save the file.
    If for some reason, you can't save it directly in the zip file, you can save it on the desktop, then drag it from the desktop into the zip file. Then, click "Copy and replace" if a window pops up. Then, once its overriden the default messages, you can delete the file on the desktop.

    Now that you have the messages saved, you can rename the zip file back into a ".jar" file.

    Then, if you want to, you can remove file extensions showing by following the tutorial above, but by checking the checkbox instead of unchecking it.
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