Aug 13, 2019
  • The full documentation for each config.yml option. Please take care that you fill each option with an appropriate value!

    Code (YAML):

    #Should the plugin check for a newer version on enable?
    #Players with the proper permissions will be notified on join.
    : true

    ## Table Config ##

    #Should an enchanting table be placed at the location where the table item is placed?
    #If set to true, item-material must represent the Material of a placeable block.
    #If set to false, the enchanting GUI will simply open whenever the player right-clicks with the item.
    : true

    #What should the default values for a crafted table be?
    : 0
    : 0
    : 0

    #What should the default maximum bookshelf-level be?
    #The vanilla maximum is 15, as an enchanting table will reach its max level req (30) when 15 bookshelves are placed around it.
    #Feel free to play around with this value.
    #From my own testing, the enchanting offers stop being functional at around level req 70.
    : 15

    #How many levels should be required to reach the default (safe) bookshelf-level of 15?
    #Experience requirements are calculated with the same formula as vanilla player experience levels 1 through 15.
    #The wiki page on experience level calculation can be found here:
    #However, the experience gained per enchant is calculated as such:
    #The enchant offer cost (represented by the green number on the left side of the offer slot) chosen is multiplied by the exp-gained-modifier.
    #So, for the default modifier of 5, 63 (315/5) raw experience levels will be consumed in order to reach bookshelf-level 15.
    : 5

    #How many levels should the table be allowed to gain per enchant?
    : 1

    #Should a sound be played when the table levels up?
    #If so, what sound should be played, and at what volume and pitch?
    #Find the Spigot sound enums here:
    : true
    : 1.0
    : 1.0

    #Should the "(Enchantment) (level)...?" hover tooltip be disabled in the enchanting GUI of placed tables?
    #It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to leave this true. Because of certain oversights/limitations of the Spigot API, enchant offers with custom costs will not display tooltips accurate to the set cost.
    #In addition, also as a result of the Spigot API, players are able to shuffle the displayed offers by simply removing and replacing the desired item to enchant.
    #However, the behavior of the vanilla enchanting GUI will not be affected, unless a nasty bug occurs.
    : true

    #Should the placed table follow vanilla enchanting calculation when placed near physical bookshelves?
    : false

    #Should the table save the amount of Lapis Lazuli left in its slot when the GUI is closed?
    : true

    #Should the plugin attempt to return the table item directly to the enchanter's inventory when the enchanting GUI is closed?
    #If set to false, the table will drop as an item at the placed table or the player's location when the GUI is closed.
    : true

    ## Display Config##

    #What should be the default display name for the table item? Color codes are accepted.
    #The name is automatically set when the table is crafted and when the enchanting GUI is closed.
    : "&eEnchanting Table"

    #What should be the default lore format for the table item? Color codes are accepted.
    #Similarly to the display name, the lore is automatically updated when the enchanting GUI is closed.
    #The following placeholders can be used:
    #For empty lore, simply replace the field with item-lore: []

    # %level% - The table's bookshelf-level
    # %lapis% - The amount of lapis lazuli stored in the item
    # %exp_total% - The total amount of table experience stored in the item
    # %exp_remaining% - The amount of table experience until the next bookshelf-level is reached
    # %exp_progress% - The percent (%) of experience accumulated towards the next bookshelf-level
     - "&7Level &f%level%"
      - "&f%lapis%&7x Lapis Lazuli"
      - "&f%exp_progress%&7% experience"

    #What should the material of the table item be?
    #Value must be a Material representing a placeable block.
    #Find the Spigot material enums here:

    #What should the table item's head texture be?
    #Only applies if item-material is "PLAYER_HEAD".
    #You can find these values in the NBT data (give command) to most custom heads.
    : "1e3e760a-4c93-4607-96d4-79963a5391f2"
    : "eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvYjJmNzkwMTZjYWQ4NGQxYWUyMTYwOWM0ODEzNzgyNTk4ZTM4Nzk2MWJlMTNjMTU2ODI3NTJmMTI2ZGNlN2EifX19"

    ## Crafting Config ##

    #NOTE: Crafting configs will not be reloaded with /convenienchant reload, as custom crafting recipes are loaded on server start.

    #Should the table item be able to be crafted?
    : true

    #How should the item be crafted?
    : " B "
    : " T "
    : " C "

    #How many of the item should be given when the item is crafted?
    : 1

    #What characters should represent what Materials in the above recipe?
    #For an empty slot, simply use a space.
      - "C,CHEST"

    ## Misc Config ##

    #Should players in survival mode be able to equip the item as armor?
    #Only applies if item-material can be worn in the head slot (e.g. PLAYER_HEAD).
    : false

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