Create a theme

Mar 28, 2019
Create a theme
  • To create a theme you must follow those instructions:
    • Create the schematic:
    With WorldEdit you can create a schematic (refer to this)

    Start by using your wand to select the area that you want for the theme.
    Beware that the theme must be facing south, it means that the bridge need to be in the south.

    After that, go to the place where you want your spawn and make a //copy of your selection.
    Then you can do a /schematic save to save your schematic in the worldedit folder.
    • Include your schematic
    Drag your schematic in the theme folder of the RSkyBlock folder. (You can find it in the schematic folder in the worldedit folder)
    Next, edit the config.yml file, everything is handled in the theme section.


    The blocks_infrontof_spawn value is very important for the plugin because it's what delimit the theme and the island.
    You need to count the number of blocks that are between the spawn and the end of the bridge.
    It needed in order to create the safe zone.

    Like the picture shows you need to count every blocks in the redline.

    Now your theme is added, restart the server and the players with the permission will have it in their theme Gui !
    Feel free to add as many themes as you want !

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