Creating a villager menu

Mar 18, 2017
Creating a villager menu
  • Villagers are very important in a game of EggWars. That's because EggWars 2 has a big editor for them.

    EggWars 2 has a default villager. You can't delete this villager, and it's recommendable to use it as your default configuration.

    1 - Opening the menu:

    To open the villager configuration, use the command /ews villagerMenu. You will see a menu like this:


    The first emerald is the default villager menu. Click it to edit it. If you want to create a diferent villager menu, just click a empty slot (Stained glass).


    2 - Editing a villager:

    When you open the editor of a villager, you will see this menu:

    There are six options:

    - Edit sections:
    This option allows you to edit all sections and items of a villager.

    - Change type:
    This option allows you to change the villager type. By default there are two villager types: Big and Vanilla. Other plugins can add more via API. The villager type is the interface that players will see when they open the menu.

    - Type options:
    This option allows you to edit some options of the villager type.

    - Op / Basic selection:
    This options allows you to set the op and basic villager for this villager. You just have to create a op villager and a basic villager, return to the normal villager and click this option.

    - Rename:
    This option allows you to rename the villager. The default section cannot be renamed.

    - Return:
    This options returns you to the villager list.

    3 - Editing sections:

    The section menu is similar as the villager list. Just click a existing menu to edit it, or click a empty slot to create a section.


    After doing that, EggWars will show you this menu:


    Here you can edit or create items, rename the section or set a display item for it. You can also delete the section if you want.

    4 - Editing a item:

    This items in EggWars 2 are pretty specials. You can add a lot of required and received items!


    To add items just drop then into the correct section. In this menu you can also rename the item, set the display item for it or delete it!

    WARNING: if you're using the Vanilla villager type, EggWars will only use the two first required items and the first received item!

    TIP: if you want to add longer named or lores to sections and items, edit them in the file villagers.dat!
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