Creating an arena

Mar 18, 2017
Creating an arena
  • This sections will show you how to create an arena.

    1 - Creating the arena:

    To create an arena, set your plugin on multiarena mode. (game: true, lobby: true and bungeeMode: false in the config.) After this, use the command /ews createArena <NAME>. EggWars 2 will teleport to a empty world. EggWars will also show you a list of things to do.


    2 - Build your arena:

    In the world you can create your own arena. You can use construction plugins you want, like EW or FAWE.

    3 - Setup your arena:

    When you finish to create the arena, you have to setup it. To do it, use the commands that EggWars showed you when you create the arena. To see all setup commands, you can use /ews. If you want more info about a comand, hover your mouse onto the chat line.

    4 - Save your arena:

    To save your arena, use the command /ews toggleEditMode. EggWars will also warn you when you are able to do it.

    5 - Edit your arena:

    If you want to edit your arena, just use again the command /ews toggleEditMode!
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