Creating your development workspace

Dec 9, 2014
Creating your development workspace
  • I can't set draft but this is a wiki page I'm going to work on --GingerGeek

    How the new system works(top)

    Due to legal reasons SpigotMC is not allowed to just give a jar download for the Spigot-Server and we have to use a program Spigot created called BuildTools.

    BuildTools downloads all the relative tools needed like Maven (project management and building), Fernflower (

    What BuildTools does command by command(top)

    Firstly BuildTools checks it is not running on a Mac and that it is running in some sort of bash. It then goes onto check that the git username and email has been set.
    For more information on working with git click here.
    Now the actual work starts:
    • Ensures that the directory "work" is present, if not it will create it
    • Sees if the folder Bukkit exists if not clones the Bukkit repository into it
    • Sees if the folder CraftBukkit exists if not clones the CraftBukkit repository into it
    • Sees if the folder Spigot exists if not clones the Spigot repository into it
    • Sees if the folder BuildData exists if not clones the BuildData repository into it This folder contains important information such as the mappings for the vanilla jar

      Remember this is just for the initial setup of the empty directory - we will get to updating them all in a minute
      Code (cloningbukkitcraftbukkitspigot (Unknown Language)):
      git clone Bukkit
      git clone CraftBukkit
      git clone Spigot
      git clone BuildData
    • Next depending on whether you are on a Windows or a Linux computer you need to download Jacobe. If you are on linux you will want this link and if you are on windows you will want this week.
    • You then need to unzip / tar Jacobe into a folder called jacobe in the main folder.

      This is how to download and unzip Jacobe on a linux terminal - it's recommended to use the GUI on a windows machine as it's far easier
      Code (gettingjacobeonalinuxmachine (Unknown Language)):
      wget -O jacobe.linux.tar.gz
      tar xzvf jacobe.linux.tar.gz -C jacobe
    • Next it needs to make sure that maven is available for download

    Submitting PRs(top)

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