Mar 8, 2017
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    (some features only available in premium version, so take care about this!)

    Q: Can I use this plugin on java 7 also?
    A: Yes, you can, this plugin compatible with java 7 and java 8!

    Q: What plugins does it need to work?
    A: You dont need other plugins, just optional plugins:

    Q: The CTSNC+ has a plus permission what called CTSNC.FullServerJoin, How does it work?
    A: It will add an extra slot but only if all members have this permission else it will kick someone who hasn't got this permission.

    Q: How can I use the CustomTags? I need help to set up.
    A: For example with Commands:

    You can set for every player a customtag with just one command.
    /cts customtag <taglist (1-20)> set <PlayerName>

    PlayerName = The name of the player for what the tag should be.
    Taglist(1-20) = What tag/group should the player get.

    Example: /cts customtag 3 set herby2212 = The player herby2212 will get the Tag "&3Developer".

    If you want to use that option you need to disable the option "permission based" in the CustomTags.yml!

    A: For example with PermissionsEx:

    First of all set up the permissions in CustomTags.yml. # I am using CTSNC+ but the permissions are the same. Just in the CTSNC (normal) version you can't set up any suffix.
    Now you should give this permissions to your groups. # Take care guys if you are using inheritance you should remove the previous group's permission!
    Fully working example/sample file to show/download:

    My example from pex:

    Now watch this in the chat and on the tab!

    P.S.: If you enable the CustomTags and you didn't set up the permissions, It will give the "first" its called OP tag for everyone!
    After you make a correct setup it will show up the correct.

    Q: I set up the CustomTags but nothing happend, where is the problem?
    A: If you are using Essentials(X), you have to disable this config options:
    change-displayname: false & change-playerlist: false # because the essentials' nick options is break the CustomTags.

    P.S.: You have to disable the Essentials' custom join/leave message if you want use the CTSNC's custom join/leave message.
    custom-quit-message: "none" & custom-join-message: "none"

    Q: Does this plugin include prefixes next to the players' name (above a players head)?
    A: Yes, this what the CustomTags do.

    Q: Why dont work the [PN] variable in MOTD?
    A: Not every variable work in the MOTD to prevent some errors

    Q: All of my players get this error, what does it mean? - Internal exception: java.io.IOException: Received string length longer than maximum allowed (26 > 16)
    A: In your CustomTags.yml you wanted to make a longer string what maximum allowed, change that for fix this problem.
    P. S.: Max char is limited to 16. So it can't be fixed. (Mojang "bug") [Color codes are 2 chars!]

    Q: [CTSNC] PermissionsEx Connection failed! How can I fix it?
    A: It's not an error, just you don't have PEX what can connect to the CTSNC.

    Q: How does WorldSupport work?
    A: You add in this list the worlds where the plugin should work.

    Q: I saw ProtocolHack in the title, what does it mean?

    A: It is a feature what allow to use this plugin on 1.8.x and also useable on 1.7.x

    This wiki page has created by foxi69!
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