CubedCraft - Tutorial

Apr 12, 2020
CubedCraft - Tutorial
  • Welcome to the CubedCraft tutorial. Here, you will learn the basics of how to make a CubedCraft ( server and install Plugins.

    Before I start here is a quick FAQ:

    1. What is CubedCraft?

    CubedCraft is a server that offers free spigot server hosting but also has other gamemodes available.

    2. Are their any limitations in CubedCraft hosting?

    Unfortunately, because CubedCraft uses bungee you cannot use Java to code it (but their are lots of java plugins available), if you are looking to learn plugin development you should look else where.

    3. Does the server have to be 1.15?

    No, you have the option to create your server in either 1.8, 1.12 or 1.15

    4. Will this work for a survival server?

    Yes, player servers can be used to host a survival server for you and your friends for free. Further on in this tutorial, I will tell you how to set a survival server up the best.

    Before Starting: Logging in to CubedCraft

    Click add server on your multiplayer server list. In the server name section type "CubedCraft". In the server IP section type "" (you must type this correctly or else it won't work)

    Then click done. CubedCraft should now show up in your server list. You can double click it to join.

    Chapter 1: Getting an account.

    First, type /register <your email> in the lobby then, click the link it gives you. It will then take you to a page where you can enter a password.

    You must verify your email by logging into your email and clicking the link in the verification email you recieved from CubedCraft. Make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

    Chapter 2: Making your server.

    Once you have made your account, you will need to make your server.

    To do this type /create <server name> <version> in the lobby on CubedCraft.

    It will then create your server.

    Chapter 3: Activating/joining your server.

    Everytime you want to join your server, you will need to activate it (if it's offline. It automatically shuts down if no players are online). To do this, in the CubedCraft lobby, right click while holding the emerald in your inventory. This will open a chest gui. Here you will have a few options, to join your server click the emerald named "join server". You can also join your server by typing "/join own".

    Other people can join your server by doing /join <your server name>.

    People can also find your server in the player servers list of online servers. If you right click the book in your hotbar in the lobby it will open. You can select other people's servers to join here. Your server will also be displayed here.

    Chapter 4: Installing plugins.

    To install plugins head over to, (you will need to login if it is your first time) and click "Plugins" in the navigation bar on the left of your main dashboard. Here you can install the plugins you want.

    Chapter 5: Restarting your server.

    After you install a plugin, you will need to restart your server. Due to safety, /reload and /rl has been disabled. So you have to stop your server by doing "/stop" ingame and then type "/join own" in the hub of CubedCraft. This will then boot up your server again as it has been shut down.

    Chapter 6: Creating worlds.

    To create worlds, you will need to install a plugin called "Multiverse Core". Once you have clicked install, restart your server and it will be running.

    You can then type "/mvcreate <world name> <normal/nether/end>".

    If you want to create a superflat world, you can do "/mvcreate <world name> normal -t flat".

    You can then teleport to your world with "/mvtp <world name>".

    You can get a list of your worlds with "/mvlist".

    You can set a worlds spawnpoint with /mvsetspawn.

    If you want to make an empty world (a VoidWorld) you need to install a plugin called "VoidWorld" and then type "/mvcreate <world name> normal -g VoidWorld"

    Chapter 7: Giving players "operator".

    If you want to give a friend or someone you trust access to do every command, you will need to do "/op <their username>". WARNING! Only give "operator" to people you trust. People can use it to grief your server.

    Chapter 8: Whitelisting your server.

    Whilst you setup your server, you might want to whitelist it.

    The whitelist stops people from joining who aren't on the list.

    Here are the commands:

    /whitelist on - turns on the whitelist
    /whitelist off - turns off the whitelist
    /whitelist add <username> - adds the player in the username section to the whitelist.
    /whitelist remove <username> - removes the player in the username section from the whitelist.
    /whitelist list - shows a list of all players on the whitelist.

    When you have finished making your server, you can turn the whitelist off to let players in.

    Chapter 9: Using Essentials.

    Essentials is a plugin that will automatically get installed on your server. Below I have listed some of the most commonly used commands in it (a full list of the commands can be found at this link:

    /setspawn - sets the spawn point where players will spawn in.
    /spawn - teleport to spawn. You can type in a players name after the "/spawn" (e.g. "/spawn steve") to teleport that player to spawn.
    /fly - turns on or off fly, works even in survival mode.
    /setwarp <warp name> - sets a location that players can teleport to.
    /warp <warp name> - players can use this to teleport to a warp using it's name.
    /ban <username> - will ban the player that you put in the username section from your server.
    /unban <username> - will unban the username that you put in the username section.

    Chapter 10: Managing permissions.

    Permissions are what players will need to use commands. Permission plugins allow you to manage what permissions players have and also create ranks.

    I reccomend Luck Perms howevee you can also use Group Manager or Permissions Ex.

    Luck Perms is the best for customisability and offers more features.

    Group Manager is simpler to use.

    You will have to install the one you want to use in the plugins section.

    To find out how to use these I reccomend you lookup tutorials. I will not explain how to use them in this tutorial.

    You will need to find the permission required for commands you want your players to be able to use. There are lists of all essential commands permissions and most plugins have their required permissions stated online somewhere.

    Chapter 11: Coding your server.

    If you want to code your server, you will need to use a language called skript. This is an easy language to use and many tutorials are available online.

    To use Skript you will have to install it in the plugins section on your dashboard and then restart your server.

    When writing a skript you need to go to file manager and then click the folder symbol next to the plugins folder. Then click the folder symbol next to the Skript folder. Finally, you will have to click the folder symbol next to the "scripts" folder and then click new file and give your skript a name. When you are done you can click save.

    When you have written your skript, you can type "/sk reload <the name you gave your skript (capitals letters matter)>".

    As I said before, lots of skript tutorials are available online. To find out how to code skript, youtube is a good place to start.

    Chapter 12: Setting up a survival server.

    If you wish to use your Player Server as a survival server for you and your friends, I reccomend you follow the steps below:

    1. Uninstall all the automatically installed plugins on the plugins page at and restart your server.
    2. Turn on the whitelist (see chapter 8) and add your friends that you want to play with.
    3. Have fun!

    Chapter 13: Getting more RAM/Memory, getting more servers and making your server be online 24/7

    CubedCraft has a system called boosters. A player can use a booster to boost a server. A boost lasts 30 days and a player can use multiple boosters at once.

    Each boost gives the server the ability to hold more players, more memory and more RAM.

    If a server reaches 12 boosts it will stay online 24/7.

    Boosters can be obtained using the following methods:

    1. If you get 5000 points you can buy a booster in "/pshop" (use this in the lobby). You can check your points by doing "/points" in the lobby. Points are obtained by A. Voting for CubedCraft B. Playing gamemodes on CubedCraft (Warzone or TntWars).
    2. If you have VIP rank you can get a free booster every month.
    3. Boosters can be won from events.
    4. Boosters can be purchased for $5 each from the store.

    All the perks of boosters are listed in the lobby on a hologram.

    Every account gets 1 server. To get more servers for your account, you must buy Royal or God rank.

    Royal rank gives you 2 servers.
    God rank gives you 3 servers.

    You can also buy MVP rank on top of these that gives you another server so in total you can have 4.

    All perks of ranks can be found at
    You can buy ranks at

    Chapter 14: Voting system.

    On CubedCraft, there is a voting system where players can vote daily for their favourite player server. The top voted servers can be found at

    You can choose what rewards to give player for voting at

    You can find your voting link by going to your servers page on and clicking vote and then copying the link.

    Chapter 15: Getting help.

    If you want to get help with anything from skript to plugin setup to how to do something on PlayerServers. The CubedCraft discord server is a good place to go.

    You can join the discord server using this invite link:

    Chapter 16: Other gamemodes.

    CubedCraft also has other gamemodes. These can be played by right clicking the compass in the lobby.

    The include:
    • TntWars
    • Warzone
    • Xrun
    • Survival
    When you join TntWars or Warzone, you must click the book for random team in the chest menu.

    Remember: if you don't know how to join you can always ask for help in chat.

    The End

    Useful links:

    I look forward to seeing you online. If you do play CubedCraft and wish to add another chapter for a different plugin or a different section, feel free to add it.

    Remember, you will have to discover a lot of things yourself.

    Sidenote: make sure to check out other people's servers to see their creations and get inspiration.

    If you have any problems or querys, Direct Message me on Thank You.
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