CubedSK Tutorial

Jul 21, 2019
CubedSK Tutorial
  • CubedSK - by SirHyperNova

    This will automatically reload your scripts to CubedCraft when you save them in your code editor.

    INFO: We will be talking about nodes a lot, to see what node you are on, go to the website and see that the url is, if it includes "node1.", you are on node 1.

    1) Go to and download the latest version of NodeJS.

    2) Now, go to your Scripts folder and where it shows you the file path, and type "cmd", this should now bring up a command prompt.

    3) Type "node -v" and this should send you the NodeJS version to make sure it's installed.

    4) Now install CubedSK by typing "npm install --global cubedsk". Once that has finished installing type "csk" to make sure it's installed.

    5) Now log into Then go to Cookies. If you're on node1, go to "", and if you're on the normal node, "". Then click on "PHPSESSID", find "content", and copy the long code beside it.

    6) Go to your cmd promt and type "csk . --session CODE-YOU-COPIED (if you're on node1 add "--node1)"" eg "csk . --session CODE --node1". If it has worked, it should now show you the website domain.

    7) You can now create scripts, see errors in cmdpromt and automatically reload scripts from ingame.

    You may need to create a new file as sometimes it bugs out.
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