May 21, 2017
  • Default autospawns.yml:
    Code (Text):
      enabled: true              # Is the autospawn section enabled?

      onBossTimeCommand:                    # The settings for when the /boss time command is used.
        enabled: true                       # This represents if the /boss time command is enabled.
        whichSectionToTime: '1'             # This refers to the section which will be displayed in /boss time.

    AutoSpawns:                               # The main configuration section for the autospawns.
      '1':                                    # The section key used when setting the whichSectionToTime in settings.
        Coords:                               # Where the boss will get spawned.
          world: world                        # The world to spawn in.
          x: 0                                # the X coordinate.
          y: 150                              # the Y coordinate.
          z: 0                                # the Z coordinate.

        PossibleSpawns:                       # This refers to the list of bosses to choose from when the timer hits 0.
        - SKELETON
        - ZOMBIE
        - GIANT

        Settings:                                         # The settings for each individual autospawned boss section.
          spawnIfChunkIsntLoaded: false                   # Should the boss be spawned if the chunk isn't loaded? (COULD CAUSE PROBLEMS)
          maxSpawned: 1                                   # The max amount of bosses to be in the world at once.
          bossesPerInterval: 1                            # The amount of bosses to be spawned on each interval.
          spawnRate: 30m                                  # The spawn rate (must be a number then a time representing character). Available time characters are: s, m, h
          spawnType: INTERVAL                             # Whether it should be exactly the time above or a random time. Available spawnTypes are: INTERVAL and RANDOM
          holographicPlaceholder: '{custombosses_1}'      # The placeholder used when using plugins like HolographicDisplays.

        message:                                                                            # The list of messages for when the boss is spawned.
        - '&6&l(!) &eA mysterious boss has just been spawned at &n{loc}&6&l (!)'

          world: world
          x: 150
          y: 150
          z: 150

        - SKELETON
        - ZOMBIE
        - GIANT

          spawnIfChunkIsntLoaded: false
          maxSpawned: 3
          bossesPerInterval: 3
          spawnRate: 60s
          spawnType: INTERVAL
          holographicPlaceholder: '{custombosses_2}'

        - '&6&l(!) &eA mysterious boss has just been spawned at &n{loc}&6&l (!)'

    This is where you configure the specific settings about the AutoSpawn section of this plugin. You can toggle the feature, toggle boss time command, and which autospawn it tracks, bear in mind this should be the same as the auto spawn key.
    This is what's used to be traced in the maps and things along those lines, also this is what's used to trace in the boss time command.
    Decide where the boss should spawn, when it does, you can set the exacts for this (the exact block and world).
    What bosses to choose from when the autospawn is run (it'll randomly choose the boss from here, not choose all 3 of them).
    This is where you configure things about the specific autospawn section, and what that boss in specific can do. You can change the following things:
    - Make it spawn the boss only if the chunk is already spawned.
    - Set the maximum amount of spawned auto bosses that are allowed in the world at once.
    - Set how many bosses will be spawned per interval.
    - Set the spawn rate.
    - Set the spawn type, for this you can choose between INTERVAL and RANDOM, interval will be the exact of whatever was set for the spawn rate, or random will choose a random time between 0 and the time you set.
    - Set the holographic placeholder for that auto section.
    You can configure the message that is displayed when the boss is spawned.
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