CustomGUI Item Configuration Guide

Feb 13, 2019
CustomGUI Item Configuration Guide
  • CustomGUI Item Config Guide
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    Name: Name of the item in the inventory. Supports PlaceholderAPI, Color Codes, <Arg>.
    Lore: String list - the lore that is shown. Supports PlaceholderAPI, Color Codes, <Arg>.
    Material: The material of the item (Use HEAD_TEXTURE for a custom head not linked to a player)
    Data: The data value of the item (Enter the code for a custom head here after doing the above)
    Amount: This amount of the item that the slot
    Command: String list - commands executed when the item is clicked. Supports <Arg>, <Username>. Use <console>, <GUI>, <message>, and <sound> to do different thing with commands. Examples:
    • <console> give <Username> diamond 1
    • <GUI> [GUI that you want to open OpenCommand] [Optional Arg]
    • <message> &cHello!
    • <sound> mob.endermen.stare
    Slot: The slot in the GUI that the Item is in
    Attributes: defaults to none. Set to "glowing" to make the item glow. In the future more attributes will be added that can be added alongside other attributes.
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