Dedicated Hosting Reference

Mar 14, 2021
Dedicated Hosting Reference
  • Hosting Reference

    Understanding the hosting companies best for you

    Dedicated Hosting:
    • csWebHosted - Offers high end dedicated servers, gameservers, VPSes and web hosting from The Netherlands. The dedicated servers are connected to a 20 Gbps Network, from one of the best Datacentre.
    • DataShack - Sister company of the above.
    • Hetzner - Offers dedicated servers in Europe (Germany). There are setup fees on all servers except on those from the serverbidding.
    • Hivelocity - Dedicated servers in Tampa, FL. Great network and great, personal support.
    • Intreppid (@Intreppid) - Costly, runs from Staminus which was recently compromised.
    • LimestoneNetworks - Located in Dallas TX, Limestone Networks utilizes in modern hardware while also offering free 3Gbps DDoS mitigation and higher capacity for an extra fee.
    • NFOservers - NFOservers is a premium US game server provider. Since opening thirteen years ago, they have become known as one of the top hosts in the business. They own all their hardware and use InterNap as a carrier.
    • - Offers dedicated servers with great performances for a cheap price located in France. There are setup fees. Additional DDoS protection will cost you 40€ per month.
    • OVH - Offer free DDoS mitigation with their VAC program. Offer new hardware on their Enterprise tier and older, cheaper hardware at their daughter company, SoYouStart (SYS). They also have a budget brand Kimsufi with older low end hardware.
    • Psychz Networks (@Psychz-Jimmy) - Psychz offers dedicated servers with included DDoS mitigation across three U.S. datacenters (Los Angeles, Dallas, Ashburn) and is often resold by GSP's, also offers VPS.
    • Ready2Frag - Offers dedicated servers, game servers, VPS, web hosting, and voice servers on company-owned hardware out of Chicago, IL.
    • ReliableSite (@RSNET-Radic) - Utilize a data center in New Jersey and Miami, and have an excellent network. Offers free 20Gbps DDoS protection. Everything is modular and components can be upgraded on the fly as you have need.
    • SecuredServers - As a division of PhoenixNAP, their dedicated servers are often resold by large GSP's (such as MCProHosting).
    • ServerMania - Offers dedicated servers and VPSs.
    • SingleHop - Has datacenters in Chicago, Phoenix and Amsterdam. Offers dedicated servers with the latest hardware and has a very good support.
    • WholesaleInternet - Offers budget dedicated servers on a lower end network.

    VPS Providers:
    • DigitalOcean - Offers VPS' of all sizes, in locations all around the globe. You can create a VPS in as little as 55 seconds.
    • Linode - Offers VPSes out of 8 locations, and offers great value for the price from $10 per month.
    • OVH - Offers decent budget VPS plans.
    • Prometeus - I've heard amazing things about this provider of VPS services in Europe.
    • RamNode - A well known Minecraft friendly VPS provider with four US locations and a "partner" location in the Netherlands. Allows Minecraft on all but the "cached" VPSes.
    • Vultr - Similar to DigitalOcean, daughter company to Choopa.

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