Default Config.yml

Aug 1, 2018
Default Config.yml
  • #// <>==<>==<> ItemJoin's Settings, by RockinChaos <>==<>==<> //#
    #// See the Documentations page for a more in-depth tutorial; //#
    #// For per-world support this best works with Multiverse-Inventories! //#
    config-Version: 6

    #// English is currently the only support language at the moment! //#
    Language: 'English'
    CheckForUpdates: true
    Log-Coloration: true
    Log-Commands: true
    Items-Permissions: true
    OPItems-Permissions: false
    OPCommands-Permissions: false
    GetItem-Permissions: false
    Debugging-Mode: false

    #// Global Settings for ItemJoin. //#
    Prevent-Pickups: false
    HeldItem-Slot: None
    NewNBT-System: true
    #// If you change NewNBT-System from true/false, it is recommended to clear all old ItemJoin items. //#

    #// Global Clear Items for ItemJoin. //#
    #// Set Clear-Items to ItemJoin or to All, ItemJoin clears only the ItemJoin items and All will clear all items. //#
    #// If you want one of these functions to only clear specific worlds, replace false with the world names separated by commas. //#
    Clear-Items: ItemJoin
    Clear-On-Join: false
    Clear-On-WorldChanged: false
    AllowOPBypass: false
    CreativeBypass: false

    #// Global Commands for ItemJoin on join, these commands are executed by console. //#
    enabled-global-commands: false
    enabled-worlds: world, world_nether
    - 'itemjoin get <item> <player>'
    - 'first-join: say This is a command only executed once per world, per player.'

    #// Itemflag Bypass Permissions //#
    InventoryBypass-Permission: false

    #// These are optional dependencies, only change these if you are looking to use them in conjunction with ItemJoin, changing the values will require a server restart. //#
    Vault: false
    PlaceholderAPI: false
    Multiverse-Core: false
    Multiverse-Inventories: false
    PerWorldInventory: false
    PerWorldPlugins: false
    xInventories: false
    TokenEnchant: false
    HeadDatabase: false
    WorldGuard: false
    BetterNick: false
    MyWorlds: false
    AuthMe: false
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