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Aug 1, 2018
Default en-lang.yml
  • #// <>==<>==<> ItemJoin's English language file, by RockinChaos <>==<>==<> //#
    #// All messages support custom placeholders including PlaceholderAPI! //#
    #// If you don't want a message to be sent, fully remove it from below or make it blank. //#
    en-Version: 6

    Prefix: '&7[&eItemJoin&7] '
    unknownCommand: '&cUnknown command!'
    noPermission: '&cYou do not have permission to use that command!'
    playerNotFound: '&4The player &c%argsplayer% &4could not be found!'
    notPlayer: '&cYou must be a player to use that command!'
    reloadedConfigs: '&aConfiguration(s) Reloaded!'
    failedOverwrite: '&cFailed to give you&4 %failcount% &citems, you are not allowed to overwrite items!'
    failedInvFull: '&cFailed to give you&4 %failcount% &citems, your inventory is full!'
    databasePurged: '&aYou have purged the database file of %purgedata%!'
    databasePurgeWarn: '&aPurging the database will delete &cALL &a%purgedata%.'
    databasePurgeConfirm: '&aYou have 5 seconds to type &e%command% &aagain to confirm you wish to purge the database.'
    databasePurgeTimeOut: '&cYou did not confirm the database purge within 5 seconds, purge canceled!'
    givenToYou: '&aYou were given &7[&e%item%&7]&a.'
    givenAllToYou: '&aYou were given all ItemJoin items.'
    givenToPlayer: '&aYou gave %argsplayer% &7[&e%item%&7]&a.'
    givenAllToPlayer: '&aYou gave %argsplayer% all ItemJoin items.'
    givenNoPerms: '&4You do not meet the permission requirement to receive the item %item%.'
    givenToPlayerNoPerms: '&4%argsplayer% &4does not meet the permission requirement to receive the item %item%.'
    givenAllNoPerms: '&4You were missing permissions for an item so not all items were given.'
    givenAllPlayerNoPerms: '&4%argsplayer% &4was missing permissions for an item so not all items were given.'
    itemDoesntExist: '&cThe item &b%item% &cdoes not exist!'
    itemInfo: '&aItem Material_TYPE; &b%item_type%'
    noItemInHand: '&cYou are not holding an item in your hand!'
    playerTriedGive: '&4%argsplayer% &ctried to give you &7[&b%item%&7]&c but it already exists in your inventory!'
    playerTriedGiveAllItems: '&4%argsplayer% &ctried to give you all ItemJoin items but they already exists in your inventory!'
    itemExistsInInventory: '&cYou already have the item &7[&b%item%&7]&c!'
    allItemsExistInInventory: '&cYou already have all ItemJoin items!'
    itemExistsInOthersInventory: '&4%argsplayer% &calready has the item &7[&b%item%&7]&c!'
    allItemsExistInOthersInventory: '&4%argsplayer% &calready has all the ItemJoin items!'
    invalidGetUsage: '&cIncorrect usage! Syntax: /itemjoin get <itemname>!'
    correctGetSyntax: '&cYou should use /ItemJoin get <itemname> <player> as console.'
    removedFromYou: '&7[&e%item%&7]&a was removed from your inventory.'
    removedAllFromYou: '&aAll ItemJoin items were removed from your inventory.'
    removedFromPlayer: '&aYou removed &7[&e%item%&7]&a from %argsplayer%.'
    removedAllFromPlayer: '&aYou removed all ItemJoin items from %argsplayer%.'
    playerTriedRemove: '&4%argsplayer% &ctried to remove &7[&b%item%&7]&c but it does not exist in your inventory!'
    playerTriedRemoveAll: '&4%argsplayer% &ctried to remove all ItemJoin items but you do not have any in your inventory!'
    playerSavedItem: '&aThe item &b%item% &ahas been saved to the items.yml. Change any default values created with this item and reload the config(s).'
    playerFailedSavedItem: '&cThe item &b%item% &ccould not be saved, you are not &bholding &can item!'
    playerInvalidSavedItem: '&cIncorrect usage! Syntax: /itemjoin save <custom-name>!'
    itemDoesntExistInInventory: '&cThe item &b%item% &cdoes not exist in your inventory!'
    allItemsDoNotExistInInventory: '&cItemJoin items do not exist in your inventory!'
    itemDoesntExistInOthersInventory: '&cThe item &b%item% &cdoes not exist in %argsplayer% inventory!'
    allItemsDoNotExistInOthersInventory: '&cItemJoin items do not exist in %argsplayer% inventory!'
    invalidRemoveSyntax: '&cIncorrect usage! Syntax: /itemjoin remove <itemname>!'
    correctRemoveSyntax: '&cYou should use /ItemJoin remove <itemname> <player> as console.'
    enabledForPlayerWorld: '&aYou have &eenabled &7[&e%world%&7] items &afor &e%player%&a.'
    enabledForOtherWorld: '&a%player% has &eenabled &7[&e%world%&7] items for you.'
    enabledForPlayerWorldFailed: '&4You have already &eenabled &7[&e%world%&7] items &4for &e%player%&4.'
    disabledForPlayerWorld: '&aYou have &edisabled &7[&e%world%&7] items &afor &e%player%&a.'
    disabledForOtherWorld: '&a%player% has &eenabled &7[&e%world%&7] items for you.'
    disabledForPlayerWorldFailed: '&4You have already &edisabled &7[&e%world%&7] items &4for &e%player%&4.'
    enabledForPlayer: '&aYou have &eenabled &aall items for &e%player%&a.'
    enabledForOther: '&a%player% has &eenabled &aall items for you.'
    enabledForPlayerFailed: '&4Items have already been &eenabled &4for &e%player%&4.'
    disabledForPlayer: '&aYou have &edisabled &aall items for &e%player%&a.'
    disabledForOther: '&a%player% has &edisabled &aall items for you.'
    disabledForPlayerFailed: '&4Items have already been &edisabled &4for &e%player%&4.'
    enabledGlobal: '&aYou have &eenabled &aall items for &eall players&a.'
    enabledGlobalFailed: '&4Items have already been &eenabled &4for &eall players&4.'
    disabledGlobal: '&aYou have &edisabled &aall items for &eall players&a.'
    disabledGlobalFailed: '&4Items have already been &edisabled &4for &eall players&4.'
    updateChecking: '&4%player% has requested to check for updates!'
    updateForced: '&4%player% has requested to force update the plugin!'
    itemUsageCooldown: '&cUsing the item &a[%item%&a] &cis on cooldown for &a%timeleft% &cseconds..'
    itemChargeSuccess: '&aYou ran a command for $%amount%.'
    itemChargeFailed: '&cYou do not have enough for this command! You have $%amount% of the required $%cost%.'
    noItemsListed: '&c&l &cNo items are defined for this world.'
    listWorldsHeader: '&a&l%world%:'
    listItems: '&a&l &a%items%'
    inWorldListHeader: '&aYou are in the world:'
    inWorldListed: '&e- %world%'
    loadedWorldsHeader: '&aFound the worlds:'
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