DeluxeChat Configuration Breakdown

Aug 20, 2016
DeluxeChat Configuration Breakdown
  • Code (Text):
    check_updates: true
    If this is set to true, the plugin will check Spigot for updates and notify the Owner in-game with a message prompting them to update DeluxeChat.

    Code (Text):
      enabled: false
      servername: '&8[&cServer&8]'
      join_global: true
    If bungeecord.enabled is set to true, you will be able to enable cross server chat without the need of a database. Just put DeluxeChat in all your servers plugin folders as well as in the BungeeCord plugins folder. Players can then toggle it with the /gtoggle command.

    bungeecord.servername refers to how the server that the player is currently on will be displayed in the chat. "Server" will be replaced with the server that they are currently on.

    Code (Text):
    relation_placeholders_enabled: true
    If this is set to true, relation placeholders for MassiveCore Factions/FactionsUUID will be enabled and hooked.

    Code (Text):
    timestamp_format: MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss
    Defines how the time placeholders will be shown in the chat.
    • MM represents months and will be replaced with 2 characters representing the month.
    • dd represents days and will be replaced with 2 characters representing the day.
    • yy represents year and will be replaced with 2 characters representing the year.
    • HH represents hours and will be replaced with 2 characters representing the hours.
    • mm represents minutes and will be replaced with 2 characters representing the minutes.
    • ss represents seconds and will be replaced with 2 characters representing the seconds.
    Code (Text):
      'true': '&aTrue'
      'false': '&cFalse'
    Defines how boolean placeholders will show up in the chat.

    Code (Text):
    ops_use_group_format: true
    Defines whether or not OPs use the default group format.

    Code (Text):
      javascript_placeholders: true
      minecraft_statistics: true
      acidisland: false
      askyblock: false
      autorank: false
      autosell: false
      banmanager: false
      battlelevels: false
      chatcolor: false
      chatreaction: false
      checknamehistory: false
      deluxetags: false
      essentials: true
      ezblocks: false
      ezprestige: false
      ezrankslite: false
      ezrankspro: false
      factions_mcore: false
      factions_uuid: false
      galistener: false
      gangsplus: false
      heroes: false
      islandworld: false
      jobs: false
      killrewards: false
      killstats: false
      marriagemaster: false
      mcinfected: false
      mcinfected-ranks: false
      mcmmo: false
      mvdw_placeholderapi: false
      nicky: false
      placeholderapi: true
      playerpoints: false
      plotme: false
      plotsquared: false
      prisongangs: false
      pvpstats: false
      quicksell: false
      royalcommands: false
      simpleclans: false
      simplecoinsapi: false
      simpleprefix: false
      simple_suffix: false
      skywarsreloaded: false
      sqlperms: false
      sqltokens: false
      survivalgames: false
      teams: false
      tokenenchant: false
      towny: false
      uskyblock: false
      ultimatevotes: false
      vanishnopacket: false
      vault_perms: true
      vault_eco: true
      voteparty: false
      werewolf: false
      wickedskywars: false
    Toggles hooks for the plugins you want to show in chat. If you have a hook set to false, yet use the placeholder in the chat, it will not be replaced. It's recommended to only enable it for plugins you want to grab placeholders from; keep others false, even if you have them on your server.

    Code (Text):
      enabled: false
      - '.; '
      - fuck;fuck
    chat_filter.enable defines whether or not you want to use DeluxeChats simple filter system. You can then define a String that it should look for in messages and split it with a semi-colon and then define what it should be replaced by.

    Code (Text):
      enabled: true
      bungeecord: false
    private_message.enabled defines whether or not DeluxeChat should handle the private messaging on the server. And, bungeecord defines whether or not private messaging should be cross server.
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