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Dec 2, 2021
DeluxeCombat Wiki
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    • deluxecombat.bypasscommand ( Use blocked cmds in combat )
    • deluxecombat.bypassquit ( Combatlog without punishment )
    • deluxecombat.bypasshitdelay ( Hit without delay )
    • deluxecombat.admin ( Needed for all administrative stuff )
    • deluxecombat.status.check ( Needed for /tag )
    • deluxecombat.status.check.other ( Needed for /tag (Player) )
    • deluxecombat.status.check.list ( Needed for /tag list )
    • deluxecombat.stats.check ( Needed for /pvpstats )
    • deluxecombat.stats.check.other ( Needed for /pvpstats (Player)
    • deluxecombat.stats.reset ( Needed for /pvpstats reset )
    • deluxecombat.stats.reset.other ( Needed for /pvpstats reset (Player) )
    • deluxecombat.bypass.enderpearl ( Bypass enderpearl restrictions )
    • deluxecombat.bypass.chorusfruit ( Bypass chorus fruit restrictions )
    • deluxecombat.bypass.elytra ( Bypass elytra restrictions )
    • ( Bypass gold apple restrictions )
    • ( Bypass god apple restrictions )
    • deluxecombat.bypass.totem-of-undying ( Bypass totem restrictions )
    • deluxecombat.bypass.building ( Bypass building restrictions during combat )
    • deluxecombat.bypass.item-interact ( Bypass item / enchantment interact restrictions )
    • deluxecombat.bypass.drops ( Disable drop handling for a player with this permission )
    • deluxecombat.bypass.bounty ( Be immune against bounties )
    • deluxecombat.bypass.mending ( Bypass the mending restriction during combat )
    • deluxecombat.bypass.armor-change ( Allows you to change armor during combat )
    • deluxecombat.view.kill-recaps ( View kill recaps )
    • deluxecombat.view.leaderboards ( View leaderboards )
    • deluxecombat.grace ( Check your grace status )
    • deluxecombat.grace.disable ( Disable your grace )
    • deluxecombat.bypass.headdrop ( Your head cannot drop on death )
    • deluxecombat.deathback ( Needed for /deathback )
    • deluxecombat.togglepvp ( Needed for /togglepvp )
    • deluxecombat.togglepvp.list ( Needed for /togglepvp list )
    • deluxecombat.sellhead.redeem ( Needed for /sellhead )
    • deluxecombat.ghostplayer.bypass ( No npc will spawn on logout (if ghostplayers is enabled )
    • deluxecombat.keep-inventory ( Keep your inventory on death )
    • deluxecombat.keep-experience ( Keep your experience on death )
    • deluxecombat.bounty ( Create a bounty )
    • deluxecombat.bounty.information ( Use the /bounty (Player) information command )
    • deluxecombat.bounty.list ( Use the /bounty list command )
    • deluxecombat.bounty.compass ( Attach a tracker to a compass )
    • deluxecombat.stattrak ( Use the /stattrak command )
    • deluxecombat.stattrak.inspect ( Use the /stattrak inspect command )
    • deluxecombat.stattrak.register ( Attach a stattrak to an item /stattrak register )
    • deluxecombat.stattrak.reset ( Reset the StatTrak counter on an item /stattrak reset )
    • deluxecombat.stattrak.changeowner ( Change the owner of a StatTrak /stattrak changeowner )
    • deluxecombat.stattrak.delete ( Remove the StatTrak from an item /stattrak delete )

    Deluxecombat Commands:

    • /dc help ( Shows help message )
    • /dc untag (Placer) ( Untags a player. Works only in the console! )
    • /dc saveStats ( Saves all stats from the online players. Works only in the console! )
    • /dc clear ( Clear command for npcs, corpses and holograms )
    • /dc killrecaps ( View all recent kill recaps ordered by date )
    • /dc viewrecap (ID) ( View a certain kill recap )
    • /dc menu ( Open Admin panel )
    • /dc leaderboard/lb (Stats) ( Shows a leaderboard )
    • /dc group ( Data group command )
    • /dc potion ( Potion command )
    • /dc enchantment ( Enchantment command )
    • /dc apple ( Apple command )
    • /dc editSP ( Spawnpoint command)
    • /dc create ( Creation command for spawnpoints, ranking signs )
    • /dc reload ( Reloads all config values )
    • /dc-addon help ( Help command for the deluxecombat addons )

    PVP Commands:
    • /tag ( Shows your combat status )
    • /tag (Player) ( Shows the combat status of a player )
    • /tag list ( Lists all tagged players )
    • /togglepvp ( Toggle your pvp )
    • /togglepvp (Player) (true/false) (Toggle pvp of a player. CONSOLE ONLY!)
    • /togglepvp list (enable/disable) (Lists all players that have enabled/disabled pvp)
    • /pvpstats ( Shows your pvp stats )
    • /pvpstats (Player) ( Shows the pvp stats of a player )
    • /pvpstats reset ( Resets your pvp stats )
    • /pvpstats reset (Player) ( Resets the pvp stats of a player ) (Can be executed via console, too!)
    • /pvpstats reset (Player) (Type) ( Reset a specific type of stats from a player )
    • /pvppoints add (Player) (Amount) ( Adds pvp points to a player )
    • /pvppoints remove (Player) (Amount) ( Removes pvp points from a player )
    • /pvppoints set (Player) (Amount) ( Sets the pvp points of a player )
    • /grace ( Shows your grace status )
    • /grace (Player) ( Shows the grace status of a player )
    • /grace disable ( Disables your grace )
    • /grace disable (Player) ( Disables the grace of a player )
    • /grace give (Player) ( Sets the grace period for a player [Configured time] )
    • /deathback ( Teleports you back to your latest death location )
    • /sellhead ( Sell a dismembered head )
    • /bounty create ( Create a new bounty )
    • /bounty (Player) ( Shows the active bounty of a player )

    Bounty command*
    Set bounties on other players.
    • /bounty ( Lists all bounty commands )
    • /bounty create ( Create a new bounty )
    • /bounty (Player) ( View information about the bounty of a player )
    • /bounty list ( List all bounties of the currently online players )
    • /bounty expire (Player) ( Force expire the bounty of a player
    * The commands shown here are the commands which can be executed in the default configuration. "bounty" is only an alias of the /deluxecombat-bounty command. The alias can be changed in the /dc menu.

    Data Group command
    The data group can list all available data groups on your network. You can find more information about data groups in the tutorial section.
    • /dc group list ( Lists all available data groups )

    Spawnpoint command
    With the spawnpoint command, you can edit/teleport/delete spawnpoints.
    • /dc editSP list ( Lists all spawnpoints )
    • /dc editSP (Spawnpoint) teleport ( Teleports you to a spawnpoint )
    • /dc editSP (Spawnpoint) delete ( Deletes a spawnpoint )
    • /dc editSP (Spawnpoint) setName (Name) ( Set a name for a spawnpoint + Colorcodes! )
    • /dc editSP (Spawnpoint) setPermission (Permission) ( Sets a permission for a spawnpoint )

    Apple command
    With this command you can list all god / gold apple commands. It is possible to attach or remove effects from them.

    • /dc apple (god/gold) list ( Lists all custom effects of the god/gold apple )
    • /dc apple (god/gold) recipe ( Edit the god/gold apple recipe )
    • /dc apple (god/gold) clear ( Clears all custom god/gold apple effects [After that: vanilla behaviour] )
    • /dc apple (god/gold) add (effect) (level) (duration) ( Adds a custom god/gold apple effect )
    • /dc apple (god/gold) remove (effect) ( Removes a custom god/gold apple effect )
    • /dc apple effects ( Lists all available effects from your mc version )

    Potion / Enchantment command
    With this command you can add / remove potions / enchantments from the potion / enchantment blacklist. Added, you cant use the potion / enchantment anymore ( Or just during combat ).

    • /dc potion/enchantment list ( Lists all blacklisted potion effects / enchantments )
    • /dc potion/enchantment clear ( Clears the potion/enchantment blacklist )
    • /dc potion/enchantment add ( Checks which potion effect the potion i / which enchantment the enchanted book in your hand has and adds it to the blacklist )
    • /dc potion/enchantment remove ( Checks which potion effect the potion in / which enchantment the enchanted book in your hand has and removes it from the blacklist )
    Stattrak command
    With this command, you can manage the StatTrak on an item.
    • /stattrak ( Lists all spawnpoints )
    • /stattrak inspect ( Inspect an item with a StatTrak attached to it )
    • /stattrak register ( Register a StatTrak on an item )
    • /stattrak reset ( Reset the Killcounter of a StatTrak )
    • /stattrak delete ( Remove a StatTrak from an item )
    • /stattrak changeOwner (Player) ( Change the owner of a StatTrak )
    PVP-Interval command
    With this command, you can create pvp intervals which enable pvp in a specific world for a specific time.
    • /pvp-interval help ( Help message )
    • /pvp-interval list ( Lists all intervals )
    • /pvp-interval remove (World) (Index) ( Removes an interval )
    • /pvp-interval add (World) (From) (To) (Reallife Time) ( Creates an new interval )
    (Interval in the world "world" from 14:15 to 19 o' clock):

    • /pvp-interval add world 14:15 19 yes
    (Interval in the world "nether" from 1000 to 15000 ticks):
    • /pvp-interval add nether 1000 15000 no

    1. Download the latest version of DeluxeCombat.
    2. Drop the .jar in your plugins folder.
    3. Start/ Restart your server.
    4. Apply the deluxecombat.admin permission to your account.
    5. Configure the plugin with the /dc menu command.
    6. Done!
    You can use papi placeholders in nearly all messages of deluxecombat. Simply add them into the lang.yml in your disired message. Furthermore you can use deluxecombat placeholders in other plugins ( Such as Tablist / Scoreboard plugins etc. ) if you have PlaceholderAPI installed.

    All current PAPI Placeholders of deluxecombat can be found HERE

    MVdWPlaceholders user?

    You can use all placeholders simply by using: {placeholderapi_<Placeholder>}

    ( Requires PlaceholderAPI )
    How to configure the plugin
    Out of the box, DeluxeCombat comes with two config files.

    - Edit all messages of the plugin
    - Use colorcodes ( e.g &5, &l, &a, ...)
    - Disable messages ( Just replace the message with "NONE"


    - Select file system method ( SQLite / MySQL )
    - Create new kill streaks
    - Create new custom tools
    - Create new rewards
    - Create new displaynames for the ranking system

    For all other settings please use the Ingame Editor. The ingame editor was created to simplify the process of configuring the plugin. You cant break the plugin with this editor. All user inputs to the editor are checked by the plugin.

    ingame editor

    - Use /dc menu to open the editor.

    Please do not touch the data.yml. You might break the plugin! ( This file gets edited by the ingame settings editor! )
    How to create a spawnpoint
    First, place an obsidian on the ground. Then place a goldblock above ( Also look in the direction the player will look afterwards! ). Done!
    ( You can delete the spawnpoint simply by destroying the goldblock )


    After you have placed a spawnpoint, you will get further instructions on how you can edit this spawnpoint.

    By default the permission of every spawnpoint is "none". That means every player can get teleported to this spawnpoint.
    If you change the permission of the spawnpoint with /dc editSP (Spawnpoint) setPermission (Permission) only players with the applied permission will get teleported to this spawnpoint.

    You can also change the name of the spawnpoint with /dc editSP (Spawnpoint) setName (Name) . Feel free to use colorcodes. On teleport this name will get displayed to the player.

    Now you can enable / disable the "tp to nearest spawnpoint" option in the Death menu ( /dc menu -> Settings ). If enabled, you will get teleported to the nearest spawnpoint on death. Spawnpoints can also be used as a teleportation point if you fall into the void. You can enable this option under the general section.
    How to customize the commands
    You can use the features from spigot / bukkit to change certain commands of the plugin. Just go to your commands.yml and add following lines below the section "aliases":
    Code (YAML):
     <your prefered command name>:
     - dc status
    ( This is an example on how you can add an alias for /dc status. )
    How to create data groups
    Following situation:
    - You have 3 minigame servers (e.g SkyWars, Bedwars and Survival Games)
    - You have 2 factions servers (e.g Factions1 and Factions2)

    You now have the option to set a data group for each server so your factions pvp stats are separated from the minigame pvp stats. For that follow these steps:

    1) Stop your server
    2) Open the data.yml
    3) Go to the section "General"
    4) Go to "data-group"
    5) Enter your desired group name
    6) Start your server again
    ( Execute the steps for all servers you want a specific data group for)

    If you take the example from above you now have the data-group minigames and factions.

    !Important! Data that is already in the database cant be changed to another group (At the moment)

    You now can create ranking hd-lines or signs with a specific data-group e.g:
    - /dc createHologram KILLS 10 minigames ( Creates a hologram with the top 10 players with the most kills in minigames )
    - /dc createHologram DEATHS 10 factions ( Creates a hologram with the top 10 players with the most deaths in factions )

    You can even apply a group to ranking signs:
    1. Line: [DC]
    2. Line: POINTS
    3. Line: 1
    4. Line: factions
    ( Creates a ranking sign with the player that has the most pvp points on the factions servers )

    Create a combat-region-border
    Region borders only appear once you are in combat. These borders can be physical blocks or invisible but they will push you back when you have reached them. The border is the outline of every worldguard region with a pvp deny flag. So the border prevents players from entering non pvp regions while they are in combat. You dont need to specify regions for the combat border. Just install worldguard and the worldguard addon and enable combat borders in the /dc menu!
    Create a leaderboard

    Needs the ranking system to be enabled!

    If you want to create a leaderboard you need to decide if you want to have a leaderboard created with signs or a leaderboards created with holograms ( If you choose the second option you need to install a hologram plugin with papi / mvdw placehoders support)

    Create a leaderboard with signs

    1. Place a sign at the wanted location
    2. Line 1: [DC]
    3. Line 2: {STATS}
    4. Line 3: {RANK} ( The rank you want to get displayed )
    5. Line 4: EMPTY
    6. Press ESC. DONE!
    Create a leaderboard with holograms
    1. Create a hologram with your favourite hologram plugin ( That supports placeholderapi! )
    2. Add lines with the desired placeholders ( %deluxecombat_ranking_{STATS}_{RANK}% )
    3. Done!

    {AMOUNT}: The amount of displayed stats

    You need to use MAXSTREAK instead of MAX_STREAK in the placeholders.

    Holographic displays: You need the HolographicExtension plugin in order to use papi placeholders!

    IMPORTANT: It depends on your hologram plugin on how often the leaderboard updates!

    "Where can I configure the plugin?"
    You dont need to edit any config files by default. To setup the majority of the plugin you need to use the ingame settings editor. To open this editor you just need to type in /dc menu

    "I edited the data.yml. Why are the applied settings not working?"
    You cannot edit the settings via the data.yml. The plugin has been built up from the ground to be configured via the ingame editor. Just join your server and type in /dc menu. Its easy as that!

    "Why are the combat borders not working?"
    If the combat borders are not working please check following things:
    • Do you have worldguard and the deluxecombat worldguard addon installed?
    • Are both worldguard and the worldguard addon enabled correctly? (Please check the console for this)
    • Are you using the correct version of the worldguard addon? (For 1-8 -> 1.12.2 servers: version 6.x.x, For 1.13.2 -> 1.xx.x servers: version 7.x.x)
    • Do you have enabled combat borders in the /dc menu? (Section: supported plugins)
    • Does your combat region has a pvp allow flag and your non combat region a pvp deny flag?

    "Why are the placeholders not working for me?"
    Please check if the placeholder api / mvdw placeholders plugin is installed and enabled correctly. If you are using mvdw placeholders you need the papi plugin too. To use the papi placeholders with mvdw use {placeholderapi_your-placeholder-here}

    If you still have issues please click the big blue discord button below.

    Check if the plugin is enabled:

    Code (Java):
        public void yourMethod() {
            if (Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("DeluxeCombat") != null) {
                // YOUR CODE HERE
    Initialize the API:

    Code (Java):
        public void yourMethod() {
            if (Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("DeluxeCombat") != null) {
                DeluxeCombatAPI dc_api = new DeluxeCombatAPI();
                // . . . .

    Code (YAML):
    (int) getPoints(Player), getKills(Player), getDeaths(Player), getCombatlogs(Player), getRemainingCombatTime(Player), getStreak(Player), getHighestStreak(Player)
    (double) getKD(Player)
    (void) addPoints(Player, Integer), removePoints(Player, Integer)
    (Player) getCurrentOpponent(Player)
    (boolean) isInCombat(Player), hasProtection(Player), hasPvPEnabled(Player)

    Code (YAML):

    CombatLogEvent = Gets triggered if a player combatlogs

    All icons are from
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