Dec 13, 2018 at 6:09 AM
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    These are the recent changes in the latest versions of the snapshots.
    If you are interested in testing the latest snapshot and giving some feedback, test it here; Jenkins Server
    Looking to provide feedback, send me the info on Github or Join Our Discord Server.

    Please note; The information below is constantly changing so with each new snapshot released will mean additional information will appear here. So if you don't see something you wanted to be added it means I have not completed it yet, which does not mean it will not be added when the official release is ready.

    All Development of ItemJoin v5.0.0 will be located in the following location until it is merged into the Master Branch; ItemJoin v3.



    • New Framework defined as ItemJoin v3.
      • This is huge and took so long to develop as it was created with the intention of having future expandability upon the new platform without hitting and major limitations in the plugin's code.
    • Support for the new WorldGuard API #186.
      • Updated to support new BlockVectors.
    • Support for the new WorldEdit API #186.
      • Updated to support new BlockVectors.
    • A new system for the item-store itemflag #190.
      • Item-Store now supports the Crafting Table.
    • New item-craftable itemflag #184.
      • This will block the usage of the specified ItemJoin item in a crafting recipe via the crafting table or the players own personal crafting menu. If an item using this itemflag is placed in either of those following locations the item will be automatically moved back to the first available slot of the player's inventory.
    • New item-repairable itemflag #184.
      • This will block the usage of the specified ItemJoin item in an anvil repair recipe.
      • If this itemflag is also used on a consumable recipe item such as a diamond the itemflag will still prevent the repair of an item.
    • Additional support for the item-store itemflag #183.
      • The item-store itemflag has the new addition blocking the storing of the specified ItemJoin item in droppers, dispensers, item-stands, llama chests, and donkey chests.

    • Animated items no longer have the requirement of needing both the item name and lore to animate.
      • If an item name was defined to animate and the item lore was undefined or not set to animate it would cause issues including console errors.
    • ServerSwitch defined in an items command would not send you to the server.
      • With the current identifier 'server:' there is now a 'serverswitch:' identifier.
    • Disposable items not functioning correctly #180, #185.
    • Bug with the item-store itemflag not blocking items if they were a non-block item when being placed in the instance of an item-frame.
    • Bug with the /itemjoin info command not correctly listing the items Material name.

    • ...

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    Please see the documentation page if you need any help with these new updates!
    If you have any ideas or requests that you would like to see in ItemJoin's future please submit a feature request.
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