Jul 5, 2018
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    These are the recent changes in the latest versions of the snapshots.
    Interesting in testing the latest snapshot and giving some feedback, test it here; Jenkins Server
    Looking to provide feedback, send me the info on Github or Join Our Discord Server.

    Please note; the information below is constantly changing so with each new snapshot released will mean additional information will appear here. So if you don't see something you wanted to be added it means I have not completed it yet, which does not mean it will not be added when the official release is ready.



    • Option to disable the inventory bypass permission in the config.yml for those who use the * permission.
      • InventoryBypass-Permission: false to the config.yml

    • Placement itemflag not working for skull items.
    • Placement itemflag not working when placing non-block items in item-frames.
    • Console command errors when executing /itemjoin get <item> <player>
    • Splash Potions not being enabled in Minecraft v1.8.8.

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    Please see the documentation page if you need any help with these new updates!
    If you have any ideas or requests that you would like to see in ItemJoin's future please submit a feature request.
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