Disabling structure saving

Jan 15, 2016
Disabling structure saving
  • Disabling Structure Saving

    Disabling structures such as witch huts, nether fortresses and strongholds


    If you are experiencing lag during world saves, you may need to disable structure saving. Disabling structure saving is also recommended for those who use new 1.7 maps.

    There are, however, pros and cons with disabling structure saving, as described below.


    • Saving will not cause lag, resulting in faster saves that do not temporarily pause the server
    • Less resources are idly used.


    • Witches will not spawn in their huts
    • Wither skeletons will not spawn in nether fortresses
    • Ender eyes will not point to strongholds
    • Iron golems will no longer spawn in villages
    • Potentially other yet to find issues


    To disable the structure saving, please follow the information provided below;
    1. Ensure that your server is off
    2. Open your spigot.yml file for editing. This can be found within the server's root directory
    3. Change the boolean save-structure-info to false
    4. After disabling save-structure-info, you need to move or delete Fortress.dat, Mineshaft.dat, Stronghold.dat, Temple.dat, and Village.dat from each of your worlds' /data folders
    5. Restart your server
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