Disguise Config

Jul 7, 2020
Disguise Config
  • The config can be pretty big and intimidating, which is why the descriptions in the config are brief, and you can read more information about it here!

    This only applies to config.yml, the other configs will have all information in them as they are pretty focused.

    When a config option is listed in here, it is set to the default option as if you generated a new config.


    This is a subsection and applies to permission based usage of Lib's Disguises.

    ExplicitDisguises: false(top)

    By default, "libsdisguises.disguise.cow" will allow usage of all options on the cow disguise, such as setburning and the like.
    If turned to true, will require them to have "libsdisguises.disguise.cow.setburning" or even "...uise.cow.*" with a wildcard, otherwise they can't use setburning anymore because they were not explicitly given it.

    You can read more about permissions here: https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/lib-s-disguises-setting-up-permissions/
    The permission used to check OPs who may not have permissions defined, is "libsdisguises.*.*.*" which you can negate with your permissions plugin

    SeeCommands: TRUE(top)

    Now this is something you shouldn't play with if you don't know what you're doing. If you change this and complain about commands not working...

    Basically, this controls visibility of all Lib's Disguises commands as if you were setting the "libsdisguises.seecmd.<command>" permission to true or false.

    Remember that command blocks need 'TRUE' or 'OP' to use the disguise commands. Same for console.

    TRUE = Everyone can see this, the default. Can be negated with permissions
    FALSE = No one can see this without specific permissions to allow it
    OP = Only operators can see this
    NOT_OP = Only non operators can see this

    DisableCommands: false(top)

    Disables the commands of Lib's Disguises except for /libsdisguises.
    This is useful if you don't want the plugin to be used by anything but another plugin.

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