Oct 16, 2020
  • Donations

    A quick overview about donating to SpigotMC

    Current Donating "Perks"
    Please note, that you will not be able to access the linked pages above, unless you have donated.

    How can I donate?
    Any contributions of $10 or more are accepted. If you wish to donate, please use the module on the home page to contribute to the project.

    Donation Inquiries
    Post here for any of the following things.
    • Questions about donation badges
    • To follow up on a donation after a minimum of two days
    • To clarify if your PayPal email and Spigot account email differ


    There are different badges and ranks users can acquire by donating on the Spigot forums. For a quick list of all the badges, you can visit this page. For the ranks, they were originally announced in the MineCon thread here.

    All badges can be stacked on top of one another to show how much a user has donated in total. For example, if a user has Redstone and Gold badges, it represents $40. The Cake badge is special for the fact that it is only used in combination with other badges. SpigotMC does not accept under $10 donations, so a Cake badge might be used with a Redstone badge to symbolize $15.

    The ranks are earned after a specific milestone in terms of total donated. Once a rank has been earned, the user's badges will "reset" back to $0, and the badges are reapplied as each milestone is reached. For example, a user who has contributed $125 in total will not get the Nether Star badge, but instead the Supporter rank and Lapis Lazuli + Cake badges.

    All of the badges and ranks are listed below.



    Due to popular demand, you can now have donation subscriptions. See more info here.
    More amounts can be added by request.
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