Feb 24, 2019

  • There are 2 types of effects, do not confound visuals and effects.
    Effects need a location, visuals need only need the visual area.
    Why ?
    If you want to place a cyclone at a specific location, you will setup effect.
    If you want to place a rain of particles, you do not need any location;

    You can see a list with /pnc effect set

    If you want to set 2 cyclone effects:
    • Go where you want the cyclone, use /pnc effect set cyclone
    • Go in another location use /pnc effect set cyclone
    • You now get cyclone with id 0 and 1
    • Use /pnc menu to get the item to open the menu
    • Go effects/cyclone/ Then select wich id you want to enable
    You can check inside effects.yml to configure the effect you just created
    if you want a different particle check this link:
    Each effect have different options:

    You can configure those values, save and use /pnc nightclub reload, /pnc menu to see the result
    For example I have configured smoke effect type (ids 0 to 9 CLOUD, ids 10 to 20 FLAME)


    If I want to enable 20 effects at the same time with 1 button ?

    Answer: You can't right now,
    There will be 2 possibilities:

    • The 20 effects are the same type, for example 20 smoke effects, I will add a button option to enable every effect from the same type (this would be useful for the smoke type)

    But I would not allow this for the cyclone effect of course :)

    • The other possibility, if you want to create a scenario. I will let you a file where you will make your own scenario. For example: during 5 seconds I would like the nightclub to enable 10 smoke effects, projectors red and blue with circle rotation.
    The 2 features I have mentioned before are not yet available !

    You can now setup staff

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