Apr 15, 2016
  • Commands

    Commands in eHub

    <---> = Required
    (---) = Optional

    You can search this page with the shortcut, Ctrl-F .

    Displays all eHub commands you have permission for
    /ehub reload (Config Files)
    Reloads all or a specific configuration file
    Config Files: config, serverselector, messages
    Permission: ehub.command.reload

    Note: Using this method for reloading eHub is not recommend and currently extremely buggy (doesn't work depending on the feature)
    /ehub title send <Title Name> <Player>
    Send a premade title created in the config file to a player
    Custom Title Name's are case sensitive
    Permission: ehub.command.title
    /ehub info
    Displays all information about eHub (Version, Author, Dependence's, Soft Dependence's, etc...)
    Displays server performance (TPS & RAM)
    Permission: ehub.command.lag
    /msg <Player> <Message>
    Send private messages to players
    Permission: ehub.command.msg

    /r <Message>
    Replay to the last private message
    Permission: ehub.command.msg
    Teleports you to spawn
    Permission: ehub.command.spawn
    Sets server spawn (needs improvement)
    Permission: ehub.command.setspawn
    Opens wardrobe GUI
    Permission: ehub.wardrobe.use
    /sc <Message>
    Send a message in staff chat
    Permission: ehub.use.staffchat
    Shows help menu for portals
    Permission: ehub.portal
    /portal add <Destination>
    Creates a portal that connects a user to a bungee server
    Permission: ehub.portal.add
    /portal list
    Lists all created portals
    Permission: ehub.portal.list
    /portal remve <ID>
    Removes the selected portal (Portal ID's can be found from /portal list)
    Permission: ehub.portal.remove
    Sets your gamemode to creative
    Permission: ehub.command.gmc
    Sets your gamemode to survival
    Permission: ehub.command.gms
    Sets your gamemode to survival
    Permission: ehub.command.spy​

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