Apr 22, 2016
  • Features

    A more elaborate break down of features in eHub

    Stop players from advertising on your server!


    Control chat capitalization and how fast a player can send messages, with custom messages.

    Auto Broadcaster
    Broadcast messages with a time interval you set.

    Bow Teleporter
    Teleports the player to the landing location of the fired arrow, in addition to this, the arrow is automatically removed upon teleporting to avoid arrow spam in your hub.

    Building Permissions
    Permission-based world protection to control players ability's, such as break/place blocks, crafting/dropping/picking up items, etc...

    Bungee Portals

    Create simple portals that connect you to other bungee servers.

    Chat Manager
    Control the format of your servers chat, with vault support for prefix's and suffix's.

    Command Disabler
    Control what commands players can, and cannot use.


    Use cooldowns for Player Visibility, Launchpads, etc...

    Custom Join Items

    Give customized items on join, each one able to execute a command.

    Custom Join/Leave Messages

    Implement custom join and leave messages, or disable them fully.

    Damage Control
    Control the damage of players; disable all or a specific damage types.

    Double Jump
    Allow players to double jump when they double click space bar.

    Join Firework
    Shoots a randomly generated firework whenever a player joins the server.

    Join Spawn
    Simply teleports players to spawn on join.

    Create customizable launchpads that sends players flying though your hub. (Supports cooldowns)

    Message of the day; send a message to players on join with many different supported variables.

    Move To Talk
    When a player first joins the server, they must move to to have permission to talk. This helps limit bot's and spam.

    Server Selector
    Create a fully customizable GUI for user to selector a server.

    Staff Chat
    Staff chat allows staff to have private conversations about users or any other server issues without disrupting the public or letting everyone see what they are discussing.

    Add a custom header's and footer's to your tab, with animation. Variables can be found here.

    Create a custom
    entrance title, or use commands to send players premade titles.

    No Bow Mechanics

    Shoot bows without requiring an arrow.


    Disables rain in all worlds of your hub server.


    Allows players to put any block in their head as a hat.

    Player Health
    Set a custom amount of hearts for the players health.

    Player Walking Speed
    Change the default walking speed.

    Player Visibility
    Customizable item that toggles player visibility on or off.

    Plugin Hider
    Disables many commands, which show information about your plugins and replaces the message with custom plugin names.

    Private Messages
    Send private messages to a player, with custom formatting.

    Allows players to equip armor, in an easy-to-use GUI. (Supports smooth rainbow armor)
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