Factions Blue

Apr 8, 2020
Factions Blue
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    Getting started

    First you wanna make sure your players have the appropriate permissions, check out the permissions wiki page for more information.

    You can create your own faction using /f create FactionName
    You can invite other players to your faction using /f invite SomePlayer
    The invited player can join your faction using /f join FactionName or /f join SomePlayer
    You can revoke an invite of a player using /f invite SomePlayer
    You can give players within your factions a role using /f setrole SomePlayer
    You can configure roles using /f roles

    How to claim Safezone/Warzone

    1. Enable admin mode using /f bypass
    2. Join Safezone/Warzone using /f join safezone/warzone
    3. Use /f claim [radius] to claim land
    4. You can also use /f claim [radius] safezone/warzone if you're in a different faction
    List of commands

    /f create <name>
    /f disband
    /f roles
    /f setrole <player>
    /f leader <player>
    /f invite <player> [revoke]
    /f join <player/faction>
    /f leave
    /f kick <player>
    /f info [faction/player]
    /f claim [radius][safezone/warzone] (Bypass mode for safe/war zone claiming)
    /f autoclaim
    /f unclaim [all]
    /f map [on/off]
    /f chat [public/ally/faction]
    /f sethome
    /f home
    /f warp <name> [password]
    /f warp list
    /f setwarp <name> [password]
    /f delwarp <name> [password]
    /f top [update]
    /f set <name/desc> <input>
    /f list
    /f bypass
    /f reload
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