FeatherBoard API

Feb 27, 2018
FeatherBoard API

  • Placeholder API(top)

    Placeholders are handled and added using MVdWPlaceholderAPI. For more information about this visit https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mvdwplaceholderapi.11182/ .

    Adding placeholders using this API adds placeholders to all my placeholder plugins and not just FeatherBoard.

    Event trigger API(top)

    Event triggers are basically showing/hiding a scoreboard based on an event. When you want to create your own event triggers you only need to be able to "show" and "hide" a new scoreboard.

    The general API allows you to do this.

    General API(top)

    FeatherBoard comes with a general API that provides a few basic functions that access obfuscated and inaccessible features of the plugin.

    This API allows the showing and hiding of the scoreboard and more.

    Package: be.maximvdw.featherboard.api.FeatherBoardAPI

    boolean - isToggled(Player player)(top)

    Check if the scoreboard is toggled on or off.

    void - toggle(Player player)(top)

    Toggle the scoreboad on or off. (toggle state) The player will get a message of this toggle change.

    void - toggle(Player player,boolean silent)(top)

    Toggle the scoreboad on or off. (toggle state) The player will get a message of this toggle change when silent is false.

    void - resetDefaultScoreboard(Player player)(top)

    Reset the scoreboard to the default state.

    void - removeScoreboardOverride(Player player, String scoreboard)(top)

    Remove an overidden scoreboard by its scoreboard name.

    void - showScoreboard(Player player, String scoreboard)(top)

    Show a specific scoreboard by name.

    boolean - isUpdated()(top)

    Check if the plugin is up-to-date.

    String - lastVersion()(top)

    Last plugin version available.

    Scoreboard API(top)

    In some extend developers have the ability to create scoreboard groups (configured scoreboards). A scoreboard consists of several parts in be.maximvdw.featherboard.api.scoreboard.*

    ScoreboardGroup: This contains everything concerning the scoreboard configuration.
    ScoreboardLine: These are the individual lines in the scoreboard - including the title
    ScoreboardFrame: This is a single frame of a line containing the "Frame" animation and some additional data such as the red numbers, if the line is visible and so on.
    ScoreboardMeta: Contains the meta information of a scoreboard group
    ScoreboardSetting: A setting with key a value contained in the scoreboard meta
    ScoreboardAssigning: Enum that indicates how a scoreboard is assigned to a player

    NOTE: Not all available methods are documented since they are not useful or handled elsewhere


    You can compare this to a scoreboard configuration. It contains everything concerning the scoreboard.

    List - getLines(top)

    Returns a list of ScoreboardLine instances that are added to the scoreboard.

    ScoreboardLine - getLineByName(top)

    Returns a specific line by name. Null when not found

    ScoreboardLine - getLineByIndex(top)

    Returns a specific line at index. Null when not found

    void - pause(int ticks)(top)

    Pause the scoreboard for all players.


    You can compare this to the individual line segments in the config.

    void - addFrame(String frame)(top)

    Add a frame to the line and recalculate the animation.

    boolean - removeFrame(int idx)(top)

    Remove a specific index frame and recalculate the animation.


    You can compare this to the individual animations inside a line.
    A scoreboard frame contains the "string" (text) of the animation including
    the additional meta information such as the score, the visibility and more...


    This is the meta information of a scoreboard. Each scoreboard that has settings also has meta information.

    void - setSetting(String key, String value)(top)

    Set a setting in the scoreboard meta. The setting will not be saved upon using the "editsetting" command.

    void - setSetting(String key, String value, boolean persistent)(top)

    Set a setting in the scoreboard meta. The setting will not be saved depending on the "persistent" setting.
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