FeatherBoard BETA Program

Dec 18, 2018
FeatherBoard BETA Program

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    FeatherBoard contains a lot of features that are under BETA testing. These changes either are to increase performance or to allow for more features.

    We only force these changes once we are certain they work properly or if we have no other choice in case of server versions that break older methods.

    Usually these changes are already present in the plugin for 2-3 months or longer before we put them out of BETA testing, but they are hidden under advanced tweaks or settings.

    This wiki pages provides info over the current BETA testing features that we would like our users to test.


    Seeing these features are in BETA we do not recommend all servers to use them. When using the features you may expect random performance drops, incompatibilities with other plugins or broken scoreboard animations.

    But it is with that feedback that we can get these features out of BETA testing. That is why all features are open BETA and available through configuration.


    Reporting bugs about these BETA features is better done through PM's. Keep in mind that I may not always reply - but I do read them.

    A report should look like this:
    PM Title: FeatherBoard BETA - Feature X problem
    PM Body: /featherboard debug dump
    The problem you see or have

    Current BETA features(top)

    Anti flicker V2(top)

    Invented in a rush after fear of Mojang removing the ability to change the title of a scoreboard this newly anti flicker method was the first new flicker method since it's inception in 2014.

    The rush eventually wasn't required seeing they readded the packet mode. It did however lead up to a new anti flicker method - that over time may become a better replacer.


    - ~68-72 character animations
    - Would work if Mojang does decide to remove the scoreboard title packet mode

    - About 1.5-2x more RAM usage per player (not extremely much)
    - Small scoreboard delay of 3 ticks (can be problematic for placeholders)
    - More CPU usage: However with some tweaking this may not be the case in the future

    Things that need testing:
    - Performance
    - So far no flicker is noticed, and theoretically it should not flicker due to the way it updates clientside
    however input on this is welcome.

    - Spigot 1.8 or higher

    How to test?
    Change: "tweaks.scoreboard-update.method" to "ANTI_FLICKER_V2"
    in the main config.

    Anti flicker V4(top)

    Coming soon
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