FeatherBoard Commands

Jan 14, 2020
FeatherBoard Commands
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    : Replace with a player name
    (....): Optional parameter
    ??? | ??? : Choose one of the two (example: (-s|-silent)

    /featherboard help(top)

    Shows a list of all commands in the plugin.

    /featherboard about(top)

    Shows the version information.

    /featherboard reload(top)

    Reloads the plugin. This command takes several parameters to indicate various methods of reloading.
    It should be said that reloading the scoreboard can have performance impacts since all scoreboards will be resend to all players at the same time. However you will only notice this when reloading multiple times in a short timespan or when having many players. Use /fb reload myscoreboardnamehere , to only reload one board.

    /featherboard debug(top)

    Create a debug dump that is uploaded to ubuntu paste. You should always provide this debug dump when asking for support. Please be aware that this command will trigger all possible errors in regards to placeholders. This is completely normal.

    /featherboard permissions(top)

    Shows and checks the permissions. Green means that you have access to the permission and red means you haven't.

    /featherboard placeholders(top)

    Shows a list of placeholders that you can hover to check the result. To go to the next page use /featherboard placeholders 2
    where 2 is the page.

    /featherboard show (<player>) <scoreboard> (-s|-silent)(top)

    Forcefully show a specific scoreboard. When the player is present as an argument it will show the scoreboard of another player. When the flag "-s" or "-silent" is present they will not receive a notification that their scoreboard has been replaced.

    /featherboard hide(<player>) <scoreboard> (-s|-silent)(top)

    Hide a scoreboard previously shown with the show command.

    /featherboard toggle (<player>) (-s|-silent)(top)

    Toggle the scoreboard on or off depending on the previous state. When the player is specified you will toggle the scoreboard of another player.

    /featherboard on (<player>) (-s|-silent)(top)

    Turn the scoreboard on regardless on if it's already on. When the player is specified you will turn on the scoreboard of another player.

    /featherboard off (<player>) (-s|-silent)(top)

    Turn the scoreboard off regardless on if it's already off. When the player is specified you will turn off the scoreboard of another player.

    /featherboard createscoreboard(top)

    Allows you to create a scoreboard through command lines.
    NOTE: This command is used for command blocks or the console since the command is very long.
    First arguments is JSON string containing the scoreboard in JSON format.
    -s | -save : Save the scoreboard for future restarts

    JSON Structure:
    • <name of scoreboard>
      • <line name>
        • frames
          • Array of strings
        • interval
          • Integer
        • (random)
          • boolean
      • <new line>
        • ...
    Make sure to encapsulate all strings in quotes. Example:
    Code (Text):
    /fb createscoreboard {"myboard":[{"title":{"frames":["MyBoard"]}},{"line1":{"frames":["Test","Test2","Test3"],"interval":10}}]}
    Note: This command only works when using the "OPTIMAL" scoreboard update method

    /featherboard removescoreboard <scoreboard>(top)

    Remove a scoreboard

    /featherboard editsetting <scoreboard> <setting> <value>(top)

    Allows you to edit a setting in a scoreboard and reload that scoreboard with the setting applied.
    Example: /featherboard editsetting default label-color &e

    /featherboard modules(top)

    List all available modules for download. Further installation can be done by clicking the chat.
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