FeatherBoard Licenses

May 24, 2018
FeatherBoard Licenses
  • FeatherBoard Licenses

    Server license(top)

    The server license is the default license. This license allows you to use the plugin on one network only. The license can not be distributed or resold.

    Single plugin developer license [On request](top)

    The single plugin developer license gives the ability to include an easy to use API in the plugin. The API provides you with a non flicker method that is easy to configure and can also support other scoreboard plugins. You are allowed to include this API into one public plugin and for private use.

    Meaning: If you create a minigame for your server - you can use the API in all your minigame plugins. If you are planning to sell or distribute a plugin including the API: You have to provide the name and URL of the plugin. You can only use the API in one public plugin, if you want to include it in two plugins - you need to buy another API.

    Once you provided the name and URL of the plugin upon publishing you can not transfer the license, it remains locked for that plugin.

    The API comes with a documentation, badge that you can include on your resource page + the actual API with examples.
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