FeatherBoard Modules

Dec 19, 2017
FeatherBoard Modules
  • NOTE: Following information is for FeatherBoard 4

    About modules(top)


    FeatherBoard has the ability to install modules. Modules are features separated from the main plugin in order to keep it from being bloated with features the user may or may not use. Modules are downloaded and update with OTA updates. Meaning they can update without actually updating the plugin.


    Modules can be downloaded and update with in-game commands. These commands are described in the "command" wiki. Updates are downloaded automatically.

    Technical details(top)

    Modules are downloaded and updated based on constraints provided in the module. These constraints prevent the module from being installed when requirements are not met.

    Available modules(top)


    This is a tweak that logs (read spams) your console with scoreboard packets. You can configure it to only log the packets send to a specific player and from FeatherBoard only.

    These settings can be configured in /plugins/FeatherBoard/modules/ScoreboardPacketLogger/config.yml
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