FeatherSpawn Error Codes

Feb 1, 2018
FeatherSpawn Error Codes
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    FeatherSpawn has had error codes since update 1.8.6. These allow a better understanding of bugs and their origin for buyers as well as the developer. In some cases, solutions to errors are suggested.

    This improvement was made because FeatherSpawn is experimenting a new form of obfuscation that no longer allows a correct reading of error logs provided by the plugin.

    How does it work?
    When an error occurs, instead of displaying significant amounts of logs, FeatherSpawn will display an error code with encrypted informations*.
    * = The information will include: Your server version, a copy of each FeatherSpawn file and your ID support (This avoids giving support to anyone who has not purchased the plugin).

    The error codes are composed as follows: [two letters from error category] + [number of function]
    EXEMPLE: EV-8709 (EV = EventsListener Class & 8709 is an error code.

    Error codes:
    • BM
      • BM-7315 : FeatherSpawn cannot delete its blocks. (with a Player object)
      • BM-1185 : FeatherSpawn cannot delete its blocks. (with a Region object)
      • BM-4843 : FeatherSpawn cannot render blocks from a region.
      • BM-3672 : FeatherSpawn cannot retrieve the display order of blocks for animation.
      • BM-5984 : FeatherSpawn is unable to refresh its cache.
    • UT
      • UT-9110 : Unable to convert a character string in seconds. (UtilTime Class)
      • UT-5794 : Error when sending a packet. (TeamPacket)
      • UT-5795 : Error when sending a packet. (CancelPacket)
      • UT-2591 : Error in converting a packet.
      • UT-5834 : Error when checking for new updates.
      • UT-8901 : Error when sending a packet for an ActionBar
      • UT-9098 : Error when converting a String to a Material.
    • FL
      • FL-6863 : Error when updating a file. (config.yml)
      • FL-6864 : Error when retrieving the ByteStream. (config.yml)
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