Jan 2, 2019
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    • Overworld, Nether, The End island world - Have an island for all environments.
    • Island Creator - Create an Island by selecting an Island structure.
    • Island Control Panel - View available options that are essential to your Island.
    • Island Upgrade - Unlock upgrades for your Island with Vault economy.
    • Island Levelling - Menu that shows materials on your Island and points gained from them.
    • Island Settings - Manage permissions for Visitors, Members, Operators, and your Island from a menu.
    • Island Visit - Menu that shows all Islands that are open for visitors.
    • Island Members - View all members on your Island team and manage them.
    • Island Weather - Personalize the weather on your Island to your own liking.
    • Island Biome - Personalize the biome on your Island to your own liking.
    • Island Visitors - View a menu of all the visitors on your Island.
    • Island Ownership - Assign ownership to a member of your Island or create a secure password for a member to claim ownership.
    • Island Banning - Ban players from visiting your Island.
    • Island Border - Customize the island border by toggling it or changing the color from the 'Island Border' menu.
    • Scoreboard - Personalize a scoreboard to your own liking.
    • Structure System - Create structures for the Island Creator menu with the plugins very own upgrade system.
    • Hologram System - Create holograms to display the top 10 level and voted islands.
    • Coop System - Allow certain players to enter your Island even if it's closed as long as an operator or owner is online.
    • Developer API - Integrate SkyBlockEarth into your plugin.
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