FFA-Advanced FAQ

Apr 9, 2016
FFA-Advanced FAQ
  • Configuration
    - Kits
    All items must be MATERIAL names, here is a list of all minecraft materials.
    - Messages
    All messages must have ' around them example. join-message: '%p% joined'

    True and False(Booleans)
    Anything true or false in the config must only be true or false example: no-rain: true

    1. Download and upload the jar file to your servers plugins folder.
    2. Promptly restart your server.
    3. If there are no problems it should of generated an FFA-Advanced folder with configuration files inside it.
    4. When you join you can view the commands with /help and staff command with /hs.
    5. To set a point where players will always spawn please use /setspawn to your desired location.
    6. By default it will be setup when you join but feel free to edit the configuration to your desire.

    - Configuration
    It is very imperative you properly format your configuration file, I recommend you use NotePad++ as a text editor. Never use the tab button in configuration files, if you need to go down a line use the space button never use the tab, however I recommend you highlight the default settings and just edit them to avoid config problems.

    - Scoreboard
    By default there is a auto setup scoreboard, however you can edit that in the configuration, always make sure to properly format, it is very easy to forget a ' on a message or accidentally mess up something.
    Plugin conflictions, if your scoreboard disappears or doesn't show up you may have another plugin overriding it. Some plugins that may override my scoreboard are ones that have a scoreboard them selfs, or nametag plugins, prefix above the head plugins, thats all the comes to mind right now.

    - Other
    If you receive any errors from FFA-Advanced please send me a stacktrace of the whole error log from your console in a private message and I will investigate the issue...
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