FFA » MultiArena - Questions

Jun 23, 2017
FFA » MultiArena - Questions
  • Questions:
    Players can not hit themselves?

    » The Region is the safezone. In the Region the Players can not hit themselves!
    • Have you set the Region Locations correctly?
    • Have you set the "spawn-protection" in the server.properties to 0?
    • Have you enabled "pvp" in the server.properties to true?

    I get an error on Server join?

    If you had an old Version, please update!
    (Because in the old versions there was an updater!)

    How can I disable the Join- or Leavemessage?

    You have to remove "&f[Player] &7joined the arena!" or "&f[Player] &7left the arena!" in the Config!
    Code (Text):
        Join: ""
        Leave: ""
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