Furniture Database

Feb 12, 2016
Furniture Database
  • There are 2 supported database types:
    • SQLite
    • MySQL
    You must configure the settings in the config.yml file if you wish to use MySQL support or change the SQLite database file name. By default, the plugin will use SQLite and create a database file called "furniture.db"

    For MySQL support, you must change the type to MySQL and change these options:
    • database
    • user
    • password
    • port
    • host
    Code (Text):
       UseMetrics: true
       Language: EN_en
       NormalGamemodeRemove: true
          type: MySQL
          database: "dataname"
          user: user1
          password: abcdefghijklmnoprstuvwxyz
          port: 3306 (3306 is default MySQL port)
          host: localhost
          importCheck: false
          Enable: false
          timer: 300
    Wish to import your SQLite database into MySQL Database?
    Change the importCheck to true and restart your server.
    This option will import all Furniture from SQLite into MySQL and change the .db file into db.old
    The plugin searches in the plugin folder for a .db file and use this file for importing.

    Wish to stop/start your server faster?
    Use with caution, may cause lag spikes!
    This option may cause small/large lag spikes depending on the amount of furniture being placed during the save interval.

    To enable this option, set the timer enable option to true:
    Code (Text):

          Enable: true
          timer: 300
    This will save furniture to the database with the specified delay. In this case, 300 seconds/5 minutes.

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