Game Servers Setup

Jun 3, 2019
Game Servers Setup
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    How to setup your GameServers
    1.) Move HotSpots.jar into your plugins folder within your BungeeCord server. After moving the plugin start your server and there should be a config file under the HotSpots folder. (Server will automatically shut down because there are no game servers)

    2.) Get a list of all of the servers that you want to include in the GameServers list. (Server's name from BungeeCord config)

    3.) Notice that all of the servers inside of the GameServers list HAVE to be in Game MODE!

    4.) After adding your server's name to the list it should look somewhat like this
    5.) Lastly, every game server must have a restart script so it's ready for a new game. Now, assuming your server already has a startup script, you only have to set up the path for it within the spigot.yml file.
    Like this > [​IMG]

    For support please contact me on my spigot profile or on discord!
    Also, if you have any suggestions please send me a message. :giggle:
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