Nov 15, 2021
  • HDCore

    What is HDCore?
    HDCore is a plugin that is made by (@LloydPlayzHD) the plugin usally gets updated by the community input and by people asking for certain commands to be added.

    People have come to me asking do I sell the source code, No I don't I only give it to people who ask for it directly to me via Spigot DMS.
    Why don't I just publish the source code?
    - The main reason I just don't publish the source code is that people will just start downloading the source code for no reason and just claim they have made it and whatever they decide to make up. I prefer people to be honest and just ask for it.

    What other plugins are related to HDCore?

    Other plugins that are related to HDCore are
    - BanMe
    - PlayerRedirect
    - HDDiscord
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