HotSpots FAQ

May 14, 2019
HotSpots FAQ
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    Q: What are Adaptive Spawns?
    R: Adaptive Spawns will allow server owners to further improve the game flow by allowing players to get into the action quicker(go to the active hotspot) by putting the spawns a bit closer rather than spawning at regular team spawns.
    Q: How does the Game Servers queue work?
    R: Players will join to the server with the greatest amount of players.
    Q: My server keeps shutting down upon startup what do I do?
    R: Check the console and the reason will be there! (If there's no reason please contact me)
    Q: Where can I contact you?
    R: You can contact me on my spigot profile or on my discord.
    Q: How often will you update HotSpots?
    R: At least once a week.
    Q: Why did you make this plugin BungeeCord & Bukkit Only?
    R: I like to imagine that someone would get a bunch of players and make a really big game. And this game mode isnt just the typical skywars game.
    Q: Will there be a Developer API?
    R: Yes, soon.
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