How to Report a Bug

Jul 23, 2018
How to Report a Bug
  • How to Report a bug on Fiona
    You can report a bug on Fiona in multiple places.

    Places of Support
    GitHub Issues

    How to use GitHub Issues
    *To report a bypass, you are not allowed to report it on the Fiona discord if you are going to reference cheats. So we created another place so you can easily report.*

    In this tutorial we will show you how to report a bypass, however, you can report anything else here too.

    1) Go to the Fiona GitHub Issues Page
    2) Click the New Issue button.

    3) Make the issue in a similar format to the one in the image. (Videos are optional, but very nice.

    4) Press the Submit new issue button once you feel your report has been completed.


    Guidelines to Reporting a Bug
    - Make sure to provide lots of detail (ie. server version, timings, etc.)
    - Provide a video if possible.
    - Provide server logs and Fiona violation logs.
    - Screenshots if cannot provide a video.
    - Make sure when sending screenshots of alerts you show the data the check gives, because knowing only the check name doesn't help us much.


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