Information config

Sep 20, 2018
Information config
  • alerts:
    enabled: true <-- If Delay Is Enabled For Alerts
    millis: 500 <---- Stands For MS Delay To Send The Alerts

    clickCommand: /tp %sender% %cheater% <--- Command That Executes When You Click The Alerts

    checkVioResetBroadcast <---- Toggles the broadcast to staff when check data is reset.

    bungee <--- if using the fiona bungee addon

    enabled: true <--- If Enabled if player can use <permission below> permission to bypass fiona
    permission: <permission> <--- The Permission For Player To Bypass Anticheat (Changable)

    testmode: false <--- For Test Server (no need to use this)

    executableCommands <--- The Command Fiona Executes When Player Reaches Certain Violation Level

    enabled: true <--- If False Detection Disabled, If Enabled Detection Will Look For Hack
    executable: true <--- If Command Executes When
    cancellable: true <--- If Hack Is Canceled Or Not
    cancelThreshold: 2 <--- How Many Violations Before Canceling Hack
    executableThreshold: 12 <--- How Many Alerts Flag Before Executing Command Set Above ^
    Delta: <--- Diffrent Detections Of Killaura
    enabled: true <--- If Certain Detection Is Enabled
    executable: true <--- If Is Executable for Specified Detection
    enabled: true
    executable: true
    enabled: true
    executable: true
    enabled: true
    executable: false
    enabled: true
    executable: true
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